UK Charts: FIFA Knocked Off The Top

The almighty FIFA 12 has finally been overthrown, for the moment at least. Final Fantasy XIII-2 charts at number one, which to be honest I’m quite surprised about, with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (review) taking second place.

Battlefield 3 is proving to have quite a long tail, coming in at number three, and the latest in the SoulCalibur (review) franchise does well and charts at number five.


I love the smell of new games in the morning.

  1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Square Enix)
  2. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Konami)
  3. Battlefield 3 (EA-DICE)
  4. FIFA 12 (Electronic Arts)
  5. SoulCalibur V (Namco Bandai)
  6. Assassin’s Creed Revelations (Ubisoft)
  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Activision)
  8. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda Softworks)
  9. Just Dance 3 (Ubisoft)
  10. Saints Row: The Third (THQ)


  1. Final Fantasy XIII-2 on top, now that’s nice to see ^^

  2. Got, got, got, got, need, need, got, need, need, need.

    • Don’t want, might get, platted, don’t want, don’t want, got, don’t want, platted, don’t want, got.

      • To be fair I don’t want any of my “needs”, but I put it for effect. No shinies sadly. ;)

      • I’m quite proud of those shinies :)

      • And so you should be. I only have 1 shiny of those. But PeaceWalker might be next! :)

      • Keep us informed! :D

  3. Glad to see that Battlefield 3 is still selling well, the franchise is finally getting the sales it deserves.

  4. Got 1, 5 and 10, played 4, 6, 7, 8 and don’t want the others. Very disappointed with SCV’s online, I imagined I’d be able to just play loads of online matches but nooo, just get ‘you have been disconnected’ in the first second of play. Going to start FFXIII-2 tonight :) can’t wait!

  5. :O I wasn’t expecting FF13-2 to defeat Fifa and COD. I wonder if Fifa fans have finally gotten enough copies for the time being? ;)

    Skyrim seems to have dropped quite a bit. Isn’t there some new BF3 DLC out this week?

  6. Yay for FF taking top spot.
    Played FFXIII-2 the entire weekend (@15 hours playtime…) and so far I’m enjoying it. There are some things I don’t really like and I think they are actually a step back from XIII. I don’t like the Mog Clock system when a random battle appears. I liked the fact that you could see the monsters that were running around the areas. Another thing I don’t like is the revamped Crystarium. To be honest I didn’t really understand it the first time I looked at it. I was confused because all Roles access the same Crystarium tree and as I progress in one role, the cost to unlock stats and abilities for another role get more expensive, which doesn’t really make sense if you compare it to the old system. Why do I need 500 Crystogen Points to unlock a Lv 60 ability for one job and then have to spend the same amount of points to unlock Cure for a Medic because I didn’t start leveling that role until I finished the first one.
    Anyways, the search for the Fragments is pretty addictive and the gameplay is fun. The story and setting is weaker than XIII but that’s the price you pay if you make a game less linear.
    My game guide came today so I’ll start my journey down the long road that is 100% completion. :)

    • I’m really enjoying it too. I like how it can be played in little bursts and there is more exploring with some hidden areas. I also like having the monster training mechanic there. Having a percentage for map discovered is really bad for my ocd though.

      The Mog Clock isn’t too bad. It’s like bringing back random battles from the good old FF days without it being too disruptive. You can actually run away, without loading the battle, if you are busy which you couldn’t do in that era. It also makes it a lot easier to get pre-emptives now too.

      But yes, nice to see it top the charts.

      • I don’t know if it is supposed to work that way but the way I thought it would work is that as long as you attack while the clock is green you get a preemtive strike. If you wait until it gets yellow the fight starts normal. The way it actually works for me is that no matter how long I wait until I attack, as long as I don’t run out of time or let a monster touch me, I always get a preemtive strike. As soon as I touch a monster without swinging my weapon the fight starts normal, even though the clock has just started. What’s the point of the colors on the clock if it doesn’t really matter when I hit the mob as long as I hit it at all before I run out of time?
        Currently I don’t run away from monsters unless they are too strong for me because I want the CP…

        Yeah, I know what you mean with the map percentage. I need it for a trophy anyways, I think, so it’s ok.

    • I just wanted to point out that there’s a typo on one of the FFXIII-2 collector’s edition postcard prints. CAIUS, is spelled CAUIS. Has anyone else noticed that? What is it with game companies releasing stuff with typos these days? It’s ridiculous.

    • Loving the game at the moment, so much so its actually pulled me away from RE Revelations for the time being LOL!

      Full thoguhts:

      • Nice review. I can’t believe you can actually beat the game in 25 hours by just following the story line. I’m already 15 hours into the game and I only have around 30% of the gates unlocked so far. I did some side quests and searched for hidden fragments and items but that’s about it…

      • Yeah, I suppose its because a lot of the fights aren’t that tricky (aside from boss battles of course) and the game usually makes it pretty clear where you should be going next. Personally, as mentioned in my review, the whole point of an FF game (or indeed most RPGs) is to immerse yourself in your surroundings and hunt around for hidden extras so I can see myself getting a lot more than 25 hours out of this game :D

      • I never avoid any fights so I’m plenty leveled for boss fights and I avoid chocobos for the same reasons but there was one boss so far I really had trouble with. Had to restart the fight about 7 times and then spammed potions at my party to barely win. The next boss fight was a joke compared to that which kind of threw me off but now that I have the guide I kind of know why. Episode 3 is split up in two parts and I did the second part first and was probably missing some CP but still won.
        I also figured out how the Mog Clock actually works now. It’s probably described in the game but I might have missed that line. Apparently normal monsters stand still while the clock is still green and only start to move when it turns yellow so it’s easier to get a preemtive strike while the clock is green but it’s still possible to achieve if the clock turned yellow. Some monsters however are agressive and will attack you while the clock is still green. That threw me off a little but now I get it. 20 hours into the game and it’s getting better by the minute! :)

  7. Can’t wait to play FFXIII-2. Got it on Friday but since I’ve been in hospital since buying it, haven’t had a chance yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

    Needless to say I’ve read the manual more than most people I bet.

    • Oh dear, I hope it’s nothing too serious that you’re in pain, but serious enough that you get some time off work to session FFXIII-2! ;)

      • It’s not too bad. Skin infection thing. Should be out tomorrow and off until Thursday. Hopefully.

      • Glad it’s not too bad. And 2 days should be a good start to FFXII-2! :)

        I remember when PS2 first came out, I was off college for 7 weeks!! The downside was that I was in hospital with a dislocated leg, broken hip, fractured pelvis and cracked ribs. Stupid motorbike.

      • Spoken like a real life Joe Danger! :D Seriously though, that sounds brutal :|

      • Yeah, some dickhead with no MOT, no insurance, no tax pulled out on me and I ended up under another car…now I have a metal hip which means I can’t play football, or many sports for that matter anymore, and it hurts quite often. He better hope that I never meet him!!

        Looking forward to starting FFXIII-2…must be good if it’s stopped you from playing RE!! :)

      • Yikes! :| Not fun…

        Yeah FFXIII-2 is excellent. Much better than I expected. The steel tin casing and DLC that Gamestation through in as a pre-order bonus was also a nice touch :D

      • Yeah, I got 2 of those by mistake! :) My mate has shotgun one though!

      • Nice, I got just a couple of outfits, which aren’t terrible but I prefer the defaults personally. Still, they were free and the steel tin really is nice so I’m happy :)

  8. i love the smell of new games! there is (almost) no other smell that is better!! =D

  9. Not quite new to be honest. *yawns*

  10. Waiting for a price drop to get FF.

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