Journey Is Complete, Awaiting Release Date

Co-founder & creative director of thatgamecompany, Jenova Chen, has tweeted that PS3 exclusive Journey is complete and ‘once Sony figure out the right time, they will announce it. I assume pretty soon.’

He also answered a couple of questions via Twitter; The camera has ‘stayed to be the way beta went’ and there is no alternative control method.


Matchmaking for the online component is still random as ‘that’s how we want the game to be played.’

Source: Twitter



  1. Oh now that’s a definite.

  2. As much as I enjoyed Flower after being pushed by friends to play it, I don’t think I’ll be getting this. Don’t like the idea of completely random matchmaking, I like control over the game I’ve paid for in the sense of the people I play it with, and the barren desert scenery doesn’t do anything for me. I loved the lush meadows of Flower, main part of why I loved the game, the colour and vibe from it was amazing.

  3. The price needs to be right. More than £7.99 and I’ll pass I think.

    • Yeah, if it’s at a decent price I will give it a go. Not normally the game type I like but enjoyed the beta.

  4. What exactly is there to figure out? Surely if it’s ready, and people want it, how about, oh, I don’t know, releasing it now? Obviously I’ve never released a game before, so maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t think of a good reason to withhold a game that the public have been awaiting for a couple of years now.

    • They need to figure out how badly they can balls up the release like they’re continuing to do with Trine 2 in the EU.

  5. Good stuff, just wish they’d get it out. It’s the most interesting console game that’s known about & still to be released.

    The online aspect was amazing for me, being completely isolated and then seeing someone else calling out to you in the distance, or come ‘surfing’ past you.

    Can’t help thinking that now it’s under the control of Sony, they’ll no doubt release it the same week as something massive.

    • Yeah i agree. This must be one of the most anticpated PSN titles yet, so to just drop it in ramdomly in the next coulle of weeks would be a bit understated. Although i would assume they give it at least a month or so to build some anticipation to a certain day.

  6. One of my most anticipated games for this year. Can’t wait for this!

    • Same – nice to having something not FPS, and very different. Bring it on, I’m ready.

  7. Couldn’t get into it when I played it at Eurogamer and am still struggling to see whats so special about it. Maybe a demo that I can sit down and play a few times will change my mind but I somehow doubt it. Couldn’t get into other arty-farty games like Flower either mind you.

  8. Great, i’m looking forward to it since the beta.

  9. Loved Flower and Flow, and was really looking forward to this, but I’m not convinced that the multi-player aspect isn’t just going to really piss me off. If you play on-line, or local co-op, with your friends you’ll have a common interest and want to work together, this way I could just hook up with some gimp who is determined to f*ck my experience over – I’ll wait a few weeks after release to make my decision.

    • I don’t think idiots who want to ruin experiences will be buying it & there isn’t really a way they can ruin it anyway, other than perhaps racing ahead triggering all the events before you get there, although in the beta if we separated to far or for too long, they went out of your world anyway

    • And you could always sign out of the PSN on your first play through

      • A bit of a hassle though, to sign out of PSN to make sure that the person doesn’t mess up your playthrough, I like knowing who’s online so I can hop across to another game if I’m needed.
        Yes, I know I’m nitpicking, I just think there should be an option to play with friends, bit silly to leave it out.

      • Pressing triangle then x is hassle?
        Hate to see you making a cup of tea ;)

        I thought it worked perfectly as it was in the beta.

        There’s a million & one traditional multiplayer experiences & anyone can always play them at any moment, this felt like a breath of fresh air.

      • No, I mean it’s a hassle as I don’t want to sign out, as stated above. If to make sure I don’t get some nob ruining the game for me I have to be signed out, and it’s a game I’m already iffy on, I’ll pass.
        I realise I’m in the minority, just think that it’s stupid in this day and age to not be able to pick who you want to play the game with.
        Fair enough dude, I’m happy it worked so well and I hope others get enjoyment from it but for me, it wouldn’t work. I always play online with friends nowadays, very very rare I don’t,so I’ll pass.

      • I think the last time he made a cup of tea, he ended up curling into a ball in the corner. ;)

        Twits who ruin games are the reason why i rarely play online. I don’t want to waste my time, getting killed by a fecker who camps a lot.

        Although, i will play online with a few TSAers as Journey looks like a game that i would support. :)

      • That’s the thing, Ste, you can’t play this online with TSA’ers as the matchmaking is completely random.
        As for the tea, I’m crap at making it, hate the stuff :)

      • Then i won’t be playing online then. :( What has happened to the idea of being able to play with your mates? Instead of a random person who is very likely to blast crap rap down their mic.

        I hope they will implent a private online session function otherwise, i can see a quarter of owners not playing online. :(

        Also, You hate tea!? THIS IS BLASPHEMY!

      • As far as I can remember, there’s no voice chat option so I don’t think you’ll have to worry about music being blasted down the microphone :)
        Oh, and yeah I do, sorry about that :D


        Oh good then. I’ll use skype i want to chat to someone whilst playing a game online as there is a less chance of them playing crap music. Unless they are doing it on purpose. ;)

      • I use Skype most of the time as well now, BF3 and Warhammer 40K are probably the exception to that rule though.

      • Don’t worry about the online until they patch in the weapons.. ;)

  10. Now I know what the money in my SEN wallet will go to.

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