Asura’s Wrath Delayed

Asura’s Wrath has been delayed by two weeks, Capcom has revealed. The game was set to release February 24th but the new released date is now March 9th. Eurogamer was told by Capcom that the delay was “due to the uncertainty of the UK retail market.”

If you want to know more about Asura’s Wrath why not read either Tuffcub’s preview or Dan’ preview. Both seemed to like what they saw. You can also view a gameplay trailer below.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Godammit.

    I came in here thinking it was about Skyrim DLC.

  2. “Due to the uncertainty of the UK Retail market” .. er GAME then?

    • Yeah, that was my thought too when i read it.

      I take it that they have completely forgotten about online retailers?

  3. Capcom do realise that Amazon and Play would be happy to sell it for them right? I’m guessing that they are concerned with the Game group and HMV thus have delayed it untill they sort themselves out. I hope they won’t allow the supermarkets to sell it only. :S

    • yes? but I guess Game/Gamestation will give them more sales cause of the general public I guess

  4. That’s ok, I can wait til payday :)

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