EA Launching Official Mass Effect 3 Console Mods

Teaming up with hardware case firm, Caliburr11, EA has unveiled two upcoming “Vaults” inspired by the slick armour plating donned by Mass Effect protagonist, Commander Shepard.


Compatible with both the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 slim models, the themed Vault acts as a decorative outer shell, the N7 logo also lighting up during use. Aside from cosmetic flare, the console mods is also said to improve cooling thanks to the Vault’s slight elevation.

25,000 case mods are being made, each with their certificate of authenticity, retailing at around £69.99.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. It looks good but makes them seem bulky. And I’m not even going to dare to get it for my aging 80GB overweight PS3 as i think it would just end up dying knowing my luck or it wouldn’t fit.

    Won’t it put a bit more pressure on the fans as the system will have to power the lights as well? I know it is said to help with the cooling but i’m just concerned.

    • Of course it wouldn’t fit. It clearly states they’re for the slim versions.

      • I think the cold may have caused me to overlook that. *embrassed smiley*

  2. Fugly

    • Remember that TC, while an expert on all things stylish, still hates all things Mass Effect.

      • In all honesty I couldnt even work out what they were. Took 20 seconds of a good hard Paddington stare to locate the PS3.

        Looks like someone has slapped a kids lunchbox on a Playstation

      • Aye, reminds me of the cars in Total Recall. “How can we make it look like it’s from the future boss?” “glue some crappy plastic boxes to it, that’ll do it”.

  3. £70! An expensive way of making your console look rubbish.

    • Yeah, design choice aside (i am sure there are some that will probably love it), £70 is a bit ridiculous.

      • Just got visions of my PS3 sitting encased in it, my friends walking into my living room and asking “Whats that?” followed by my awkward response “Its a Mass Effect 3 thing that lights up and stuff. Cost me £70” and we all fall around laughing about how stupid that sounds.

  4. That’s awful, it looks like someone’s glued a neatly folded N7 tracksuit to the top of the Playstation XD

  5. Personally, I wouldn’t have gone with the shepard armour, making a console case that makes it glow like an omni-tool and on turning on the console it should shout ‘Assuming Direct Control’ – all whilst still being fairly svelte – this would have been just the ticket….

    As it is, it’s just not in the same league as the limited edition R2-D2 360….

  6. aww, i thought this was gonna be about game mods.

    but instead it’s more overpriced plastic tat.
    anyway, that’s pretty ugly.
    looks like something Ashens would review, search youtube if you don’t know who that is.
    i’d like to see one modeled after Ashley’s pink armour though.

    • I also first thought this was about mods, disappointed!

    • Same as I did, I was thinking of a system similar to Unreal Tournament, or even FIFA 12’s creation centre thing.

  7. Now that is fugly ugly as hell!
    I’d rather buy the Normandy 7 ship statute/figure/toy thingy on the shelf for £70 that that!

  8. Why are they not shaped like Miranda’s ass?

    • +1

    • But where would you put the disc?

      • I can’t believe you need to ask that question!!

      • The disc?
        It’s not the disc we’ll be trying to shove in that crack! :P

      • Aw, i thought a game of ‘how many things can we fit in Miranda’s crack’ was on the cards too. Shame.

    • Brilliant!

    • Probably because none of us would use it the way it was intended. ;)

  9. Think I’ll stick to the elevation provided by 4 jenga blocks as opposed to this bleedin’ hideous monstrosity ;D

  10. From the title I thought this was going to be PC type mods coming to console (kind of like UT3).

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