Metal Gear Online Is Shutting Down

Konami has today announced that Metal Gear Online will close its doors on June 21st after four years of service.

Bundled with Metal Gear Solid 4, MGO 2.0 was a successor to the original online-only spin off which was included in MGS3: Subsistence.


Despite garnering an active membership of 1.3 million at one point, we can only imagine that over the years the ranks have continued to shrink despite the appeal of three expansions.

For me, having cherished the series since the PS1 classic, Metal Gear Online seemed like a dream come true. However, the somewhat scattered, headshot-farming gunplay and needlessly irritating Konami ID login system soon began to wear.

If you want in on the action before MGO goes black, you’ll need to fish out you Konami ID and have a character suited and booted before April.

The MGO shop will cease service as will the option to create new soldiers. The game’s three expansions, Meme, Gene, and Scene will be available at no cost for a brief period prior to closure.

Source: Kotaku



  1. It was alright I suppose. Like you said the stpuid Konami ID crap put me off.

    • no it stands for Solitary Tyrannosauruses Ponder Universal Issues Daily…

    • Duh.

    • I love Metal Gear, but I couldn’t get past the ID thing. Not a big fan of online anyway so I didn’t feel left out really.

  2. Tried the beta and never used it again. Not that it was bad but it never grabbed me really.

  3. I never really played it, but if the expansions are going for free I see no reason to put it off any longer. After all better late than never.

  4. I never understood the Versus modes in MGS games. They just don’t work out.

  5. I used to play this alot, took part in the competative tournaments and even won one of them once but i had to stop, the community became unbarable and obcessed with stats to the point where you where bared from playing with certain people unless you had the right stats. it was saddening really it was really good at the start but then alot of people became really elitist and drove most of the people off, that and its the worst game for lag switching and exploits i have ever seen

  6. I think I had more fun in the crappy MP of Brotherhood/Revelations than in MGO. Which surely says a lot.

  7. Sad times, especially since the Hd collection has just rekindled the series. Kojima, fancy releasing a server app on the PSN?

  8. I tried to access MGO at one point but the freaking konami system was impossible to use. I ended up giving up in the end.

    Hang on, MGS HD just released and that has MGO so i’m guessing a lot of people won’t be happy about it.

    Oh well, i’ll just continue doing what i do, when i play a MGS game.

    • Wow. I didn’t understand a bit of that second paragraph.

    • MGS HD doesn’t have online. You have Peace Walker but that would be over a different server. The original MGO wasn’t included in the HD pack.

  9. being a huge fan of the MGS series I should be disappointed, but the Konami ID thing made this a dead duck before it could fly.
    I got really excited when i downloaded the beta, but the faffing around meant i have never even played the actual game.
    Shame, but not surprising, i think the series is simply best as single player anyway.

  10. So MGS4 is 4 years old now? Hmm don’t Kojima want my money? i.e we could have had a MGS5 out by now & he would of got MEGA-SALES out of it(well i would only get it if its PS3 only anyway, i don’t want no multi-format rubbish, sorry) LOL Anyway MGS:Online was fun;) (apart from the id cr*p)

    • Since when was multi-platform a bad idea?

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