Resistance: Burning Skies Confirmed For May Launch

Sony has recently announced, both via an earlier livechat and blog update, that the fifth chapter in the Resistance franchise will deploy on May 30th.

Developed by Nihilistic Software (Conan, PlayStation Move Heroes) Burning Skies marks the series’ debut on Sony’s upcoming handheld and is also the first dual-anolog first person shooter to hit the system.


Resistance: Burning Skies pulls you into an entirely new dimension of the Resistance universe.

Set in a tale of survival during the August 1951 Chimeran invasion of the East Coast, you take control of Tom Riley, an everyday firefighter from New Jersey who is thrown headfirst into the teeth of the Chimeran war machine, forcing him to redefine his notions of duty and heroism.

Expect news regarding the plot behind Burning Skies and its multiplayer component following the PlayStation Vita’s launch next week. For now, here’s a look at the games official box art.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. I wonder what the PS3 tie in will be. There has to be one right?

    • Why? There wasn’t one with Uncharted.

      • 1) Sony have been touting the vita/ps3 cross play feature heavily. A lot more than they did with PSP
        2) Resistance Retribution for PSP had an infected mode that interacted with Resistance 2 on the PS3 – so the precedence for the series is there.
        3) Mak m0r monie$$$!!!

    • Doesn’t the story tie into R2 tho? That’s your PS3 tie in.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how the twin sticks handle on the Vita for an FPS. I just hope the Sprint button isnt assigned to the left stick. Many much replacements :(

    • The sticks on the Vita don’t have a L3/R3 click function so it must be mapped to something else :)

      • Thank god for that then. Otherwise that would have been a bit expensive!

      • Most likely the rear touchpad.

  3. Love the cover, they showed a gameplay last night on Ustream, the game graphics looks good.

  4. Hopefully the multiplayer will be on par with Resistance 3 albeit a little smaller in scale.

    For some reason Burning Skies has me more excited for the CoD Vita and how that might turn out.

  5. “Developed by Nihilistic Software (Conan, PlayStation Move Heroes) Burning Skies”

    Oh good.

  6. Is that a Wednesday release in the UK or are we actually getting it in June?

  7. Cover looks great, looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage of this. Am I right in saying that the protagonist will die at the end of the game though…? going by the story in R2 of America being over run.

    • I wonder if there’s a co-op option ;)

      • haha well it wont be me on there as I wont have a Vita :L

      • I thought you were considering it? Although I know – after your article – that you’re more likely to play the pick-up-and-play style games

      • I am considering it. Got to pay for a holiday up until July though :P But its resistance and I would always buy a resitance game

    • Definitely awesome cover art!!

      No I don’t think the protagonist HAS to die at the end of the game. There are still pockets of Resistance that survive the R2 onslaught (otherwise R3 wouldn’t exist). Maybe he goes on to create his own version of Haven, just closer to New York/New Jersey than Oklahoma!

      • ha yeah true. Well thats enough of me being morbid and already betting on the guy to die :P

  8. Really like that box art. Hope the support for the Vita really keeps coming.

  9. I also love the cover art. I may or may not buy on release; it depends on both price and funds.

  10. Although i haven’t really warmed to Resistance past the first game, i’m looking forward to seeing how well a FPS plays on Vita.

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