U.S. PS Vita Adverts Show Games & Features

Here are the U.S. adverts for the PlayStation Vita.

The first  features a man, walking around showing how portable the console is. He also plays a game whilst on the move and a nice graphic helpfully informs us that the Vita does 3G.


In other words  it does everything the European Vita advert does not. It also features some ever so trendy Dubstep type music and the main man is a ginge,  and as well all know, gingers are hot.


The second advert shows the heroic ginge indulging in some cross platform play.


Source: YouTube 1/2



  1. Maybe Europe should have an advert that mentions more of the device; like these?

  2. Surely the 3G gaming is a bit misleading?

    • If all you can think of is syncrounous multiplayer like PS3, sure. It’s not what 3G multiplayer on the Vita is about.

  3. The guy’s vacant stare is really annoying. He’s also going to get run over at some point.

  4. And that, my friends, is how you sell the vita to the masses while not being boring. That said, the 3G gaming I’ll reserve judgement on that until I actually have it in my hands next week.

  5. Needs more backwards moving zombies.

  6. I dunno. I sort of liked our ad in terms of just being an interesting advert but it really isn’t informative at all. I’m not even sure they mention the name of the console at all. Maybe Sony are hoping people are going to be intrigued by the ad and look it up, but I think that’s really not the right way to go about it.

    Show the touchscreens, tell everybody it’s the first handheld with 2 analogue sticks, flaunt the awesome OLED screen, show off high-end titles like Uncharted and WipEout whilst also saying that there’s also cheap and great titles like Motorstorm and Super Stardust available to download.

    Games, inputs, screen. GIS. Yeah, that’s a pretty poor marketing term. Also, don’t mention the price…


    • Exactly focus on what sets it apart from everything else!

  7. Gingers FTW! Better red than dead!

    • But if you make the Red Dead you receive Redemption! :P

  8. When I saw the first one and the voice said “People are looking atcha. With bad intentions” – first thought I had was “yeah, this thing is way to expensive for me to be playing while I wait for the train at 10pm, I’m asking to get mugged” :P

    These comercials do show more of the Vita, but in such a reducting way that I’m not even sure it’s good. If I had never heard of the Vita before, I would be expecting (from those two ads) a news version of the PSP that can now play my PS3 games over a 3G connection. And that thought is wrong from start to finish.

    • I think you might be less likely to be targeted for a Vita than for any smartphone as the Vita is less practically sized so this may create less of an incentive.

      I do wonder whether Sony plan to add a tracking feature to the 3G + GPS models á la ‘Find my iPhone’ or ‘Prey’…

  9. I liked the Europe version better

    • same here, much better!

    • see I think they should go with both type of adverts here, an artistc type one we have aswell as the explination adverts!

  10. Well, that was dreadful. The European one is far superior.

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