WipEout 2048 Gets Loading Time Reducing Patch

One of the few complaints I had with WipEout 2048 was the loading times, which were upwards of 45 seconds to load each track.

Reports are coming in that the game has received its first patch, though, which takes the game to version 1.01 and reduces the load times by around 10 to 15 seconds, as we reported would be the case in our load times round-up.

The patch isn’t currently available with the European version of the game, so we can’t verify the claims ourselves yet, but we’ll have a look once it’s updated for us, which should hopefully be tomorrow.

You can read our full review of WipEout 2048 here.


  1. This would be awesome if it did…

  2. Good to hear!!

  3. 10 to 15 secs is not a bad chuck of time off, hope it’s out here by release day.

  4. Good to see them managing to get the load times down.

  5. 10 to 15 seconds is a good reduction. But 30 seconds of loading time on a handheld is still a bit to much.

    Is there an option to install the game on the memory card? If not, it should be patched. Like what with to Bayonetta. Loading the game from two sources should decrease loading times yes?

    Some psp games did have the option to install on the memory card, and it worked wonders on the load times.

  6. @seravok – loading from memory card is slower than game cart.

  7. Better but for a handheld it’s not good enough. Hopefully they can pull them down even further.

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