WipEout 2048 DLC Spotted

Easily one of the Vita’s best launch games, it seems that WipEout 2048 will be getting some DLC sooner rather than later.

WipEout HD DLC trophies are now listed for the game on PS3Trophies.org, and a picture showing WipEout Fury DLC has also been spotted on Twitter.


So what does the WipEout 2048 Twitter account have to say? Well apparently something “big” is on the horizon…

Source: PS3Trophies, Twitter



  1. This was talked about ages ago?? They said spring, but we heard nothing:( Wipeout HD owners get it free I believe.

    • I’m just thankful that none of the trophies are online (as far as I can see), I couldn’t cope with anymore grinding.

      Anyone know how long each campaign is as 1 bronze for doing an entire campaign ( and 1 silver for Golding them all) seems a bit harsh, and time consuming – unless of course they are quite short?

  2. Curious as to how this will pan out, will it be single and multiplayer? Either way very excited for it.

  3. I do love free DLC.

  4. Yeah this was announced a while ago :) Free if you own Wipeout HD/Fury and 2048


  5. Awesome its a bloody great game!

  6. Sweet! Portable HD/Fury, may keep me busy over the summer!

  7. Why call it ‘Fury’ though?? That’s a good way to confuse people with your other product!! ;S

  8. the update is now available through wipeouts live screen on the vita, go download it now its 142MB

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