Animator Lists God Of War IV In LinkedIn Profile

I hope you are all busy practicing your best ‘OMG? Really?’ surprised face for when Sony get round to officially announcing God Of War IV.

It’s appeared on more CVs than the words ‘socialising and travel’.


The latest leak comes from the LinkedIn profile of David Thorne, an animator from the mo-cap studio House of Moves. The listing has since vanished but in these modern days of Google cache, nothing is ever deleted.

The intriguing question is, ‘What are they motion capturing?’ Kratos is animated already and it’s not like you can mocap leaping half a kilometre up a Titan.

Maybe it’s not Kratos…

Source: Google Cache via VGArabia



  1. What amazes me is how quickly these things get noticed. I mean who checks these things on a regular basis?

    • Exactly that dude!

    • Exactly,
      Dya reckon its possible to set up a LinkedIn profile up, make it look all properly official like I’m an animator and then list, for instance, Uncharted 4 and see if it gets picked up by some websites

      • Sounds like a plan – Doo eeet!! :)

        (I for one would actually be interested in the result)

      • I reckon Gaming Squid the new Pakistan website would pick it up!

    • There are a lot of people in the world. Chances are someone is going to be searching.

  2. All said in a whisper “ooooh, God of War four, yeeeeeaaaahhhh …. I’ve been saving up vacation time for that”. The words of an extremely excited wife.

  3. My gran knows that God of War 4 is coming. She doesnt own a PS3 or even knows about the existence of GoW1-3. But shes knows that 4 is coming. Its a shame for them, because sony really would have amazing pressers and Key notes if it wasnt for every surprise they have being leaked months before.

    • It’s funny, there’s going to be people like “Are you getting GoW4?” and people thinking that you’ve played it or it is the thing you’re probably playing at the moment.

      The worst rumours spread the farthest.

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