Assassin’s Creed III This October

It has been announced, via an investors call, that Assassin’s Creed III will be out on October 30th. The game will feature a new protagonist, but other than that details are scarce.

It’s arriving sooner than I expected, less than a year after Revelations. Where do you think it’ll be set?

Source: Kotaku



  1. Still haven’t got around to playing Revelations. Enjoyed 1 and 2, Brotherhood not so much. As hobo says above get rid of MP because IMO its awful and is broken.

    • How is it broken? I had no problems, and took me less than a week to gain al MP trophies. I do however feel that they need to change the nature of the multiplayer as the “abstergo” story has technically been told now if you ever make it to level 50 in ACR

      • When it takes over 10mins to find a game then its broken to me. Got a higher rank playing the Beta than I did on the full game.

  2. Can’t be completely true with release date because Far Cry 3 comes out 7 days after that!

  3. I remember the developer said “AC wont come out every year, we want to make it a very good quality franchise and bring it to the fans, so they can enjoy it as an Triple AAA” Something like that. Sorry i don’t have sources, but i TOTALLY remember he said that in interview.

  4. I really do not understand why people are hating this? It’s not like COD where it’s a standard less-than-average game every year. AC is a fantastic franchise and all games have been top class.

    • Wouldn’t put brotherhood as top class, was exactly the same as AC2. The MP was damn right awful too. They need to take a break for just a year then come back with something fully polished.

      • They can’t because of the 3 year development cycle (mentioned by someone else earlier) that brings story full circle to 2012, as that is where desmond is and they did not want us playing the story after 12/12/12 as that is the doomsday date. (Level up in ACR to find out why):)

      • Thought it was the 21st not 12th :P Then after this one they really need to take a break. Its becoming the new call of duty.

  5. I dont think it’s being milked. They seem to offer depth and really good storylines. If they continue with a great standard of writing with continuing evolution around gameplay I say good luck to them :-)

  6. They need guns,lots of guns to fix the almost turn based combat.Then let Desmond know Assassins are probably better off wearing black.
    At least Hitmans back this year,he doesn’t jump much either which is a plus.

    • No, no guns. Well, don’t make the the focus anyway.

      Oh, and if someone says ‘milked’ again…

    • Turn-Based how exactly?

      • Im guessing he means, you stand there and just wait for them to attack then counter. Same thing every time.

  7. I was worried, but so far it’s not felt like it’s being milked, for me. Or at least, if being milked = a series of great games with interesting stories and fascinating settings, then make it moo! :)

  8. I’m not getting in on the whole love hate debate. I’m just going to answer the queston of where I’d like the next one to be set.

    I’d love to see a feudal Japanese setting. I was a huge fan of Tenchu back on the original Playstation and I think that style and setting would be phenomenal with the Assassins Creed engine. I’d love to be a freerunning ninja assassin. Brings out the kid in me. :D

  9. just because the time frame between games is small doesn’t mean its milked they put new stuff and improve with every release unlike some franchises

  10. I never knew Assassin Creed was a cow (milking it)

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