Assassin’s Creed III This October

It has been announced, via an investors call, that Assassin’s Creed III will be out on October 30th. The game will feature a new protagonist, but other than that details are scarce.

It’s arriving sooner than I expected, less than a year after Revelations. Where do you think it’ll be set?

Source: Kotaku



  1. ill wait for it to go cheap

  2. Hmmm… Im way behind the times,litteraly only started ACBH yesterday! Interesting comments about the series, i only started playing then due to them being in the platinum range. Loved AC2 and hope ACBH is good even if it’s just AC2.5 :-)

  3. AC2 and AC:B were both phenomenal games that improved greatly on the predecessor. AC:R was fun, but didn’t feel like much of an evolution. I’m not worried about the new one though, as if it has been in development for 3 years then it should be something special again. I do wonder if this will be the final one though, presumably it will end Desmond’s story as it will cover the doomsday date. If so I imagine they will want to go out with a bang.

    • Exactly, AC3 has been planned since 2, and has been in development for just as long. However, whilst it’ll be the last game involving Desmond I doubt it’ll be the last game overall. I’m sure they’ll think of ways to make spin-offs and the like.

  4. If they have been working on AC3 for three years now then that is wonderful news. While ACB was an excellent extension to AC2 and had a great setting in Rome, I think ACR was rubbish. For me it had a real lack of story that felt shoehorned in, although the gameplay was the best yet. I don’t think Ubi are milking it too badly, but I think ACR should have been canned.
    No idea where the new setting will be, perhaps something quite recent such as WW1 or 2 or possibly Cold War.

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