Assassin’s Creed III This October

It has been announced, via an investors call, that Assassin’s Creed III will be out on October 30th. The game will feature a new protagonist, but other than that details are scarce.

It’s arriving sooner than I expected, less than a year after Revelations. Where do you think it’ll be set?

Source: Kotaku


  1. Ubi are milking this franchise to the death. Was probably my favourite new IP of this gen too. :(

    • Is it a problem if its a good game!

      • No, but since AC2 they’ve gone downhill. Brotherhood and Revelations were just cash-ins.

      • Tbf, they still have the story of Desmond to finish. They can’t leave it like it is. I reckon this will be the last game, possibly another game akin to Brotherhood at the most.

        And II and Brotherhood were top rate games. Revelations was dragging it out a bit too long imo and did get a bit dull. Constantinople wasn’t a great setting tbh

      • Yes, imo as releasing a game on a yearly basis doesn’t allow much room to research and develop new features due to the deadline.

        I would prefer that they take a few years to develop it as it would end up being excellent.

        @Gazzagb, i kinda agree with you. Brotherhood felt like an expansion pack and the gameplay felt a bit arcady. Imo. AC2 was brillant but it seems that we may not see another AC game that is as good as AC2 was. :)

      • Everyone knew this was coming this year. Desmond’s life is based in 2012 and the big fight with the Templars is coming. The game’s been in development for 3 years and Ubisoft were always aiming for a 2012 release to match with the game’s modern timeline.

        The franchise has been meticulously planned for start to finish and this game definitely isn’t a rush job due to the extended development cycle I mentioned before.

        I think this game’s really going to change the formula of the AC series and will act as a direct sequel to AC2 after the Ezio trilogy of games, hopefully providing that massive leap in quality that happened between AC1 and AC2.

    • Agree with Gazza on this. Ubi are milking it. It’s a shame really.

      • I also agree with Gazza, if this isn’t great, it will be my last assassins creed.

      • Me too. I really enjoyed 1 and 2, brotherhood was ok but I never even completed Rev and to be honest was bored after about 20 minutes of it.

        Nothing like over exposure to ruin a game.

    • You think THEY are milking it. How about ALL the Guitar Heros and Call Of Duties.
      Anyhoo I think it will be partly set in Egypt (Present as Desmond) and Egypt (Past as new Assassin). I reckon it will be set in the 17-1800’s also.

      • It’s a well known fact that they milk it like crazy.

  2. Hmm, seems Ubi want to do Assassin’s on a yearly contract now. Don’t like the sound of that. Usually means rushing things or making few or any significant changes. :/

    • Seeing as this is the next big game in the series they’d have started development a long time ago, and just had different teams working on BH & Revelations..

      • They did. It’s been in development for 3 years now.

  3. Can i get a show of hands of those who are surprised by this?

    I suspect it will be a Desmond only game and will be set in various countries as they try to find, i’m not continuing that sentence as it’s a massive spoiler.

    I hope they will include a ton of new features as i think Revalaitions(;)) only added a few.

    • No one was surprised by this as Ubisoft had already mentioned, when AC2 was out I think that the third installment would be in 2012.

  4. Revelation was a let down, for me brotherhood remains in my heart but revelations was my first plat in the series, dam u assassin creed 2 with the feathers dam u!!

    • There are maps on the net for finding the feathers. AC2 was my fave and I have all 3 platinums for the series so far :)

      • yeh I know about the maps but by the time I found out that I already found 99 by myself and the map wouldn’t help. Same as infamous with the blast shards

  5. New protagonist?? What? Why?

    • i think everybody’s had enough of Ezio by now.

      • AC3 CAN’T have Ezio (can’t say more – spoilers)

      • Oh i know we are bored of Ezio, but when they say protagonist i see the protagonist as Desmond though?

  6. i wonder what crap feature creep will bring this time.
    they already shoehorned in a tower defense game.
    hey, i hear dance dance minigames are all the rage.

    oh god, they might just do it at that, a dancing minigame.
    if that happens this series is dead to me.

    • Ubi do own the Just Dance franchise… :P

      • I’ll take dance over the tower defense. It was pointless.

      • I really enjoyed the tower defence mini game.

      • The dancing minigame killed Cid Meiers Pirates! for me, and it will kill this too.

    • its to bad to think about an acdd

  7. Eugh, not another one.
    A great franchise…. milked to death.

    • Exactly what i thought when i read this but wasn’t really suprised i would love it to be set in the future though would be great!

  8. Cut the load times, Avoid the American Civil War. Cut multi player. And I may buy it.

    • Why do they need to cut the MP for you to buy it? The SP is still excellent and nobody forces you to play the MP

  9. Multiplayer won’t be cut as it was too successful

    • It’s a shame really. I would have Platinum in ACB and ACR without multiplayer. Hopefully with it not in 1 or 2 they will drop it from 3.

      • ACR was a piece of cake it only took me 5 hours and ACB can take up to 1-2 months to get all MP trophies.

      • So they should drop extra game that lots of us enjoy, because it spoils your trophy record? Each to their own … but that’s crazy talk! :)

      • @JigsawPieces LOL, it is kinda sad but I want to see 100%. AC2 is the only Platinum I have and would have liked to do the same with the rest.

      • @HoboCastro Fair enough, that must be a bit frustrating :) For what it’s worth, the multiplayer related trophies in ACR were far more reasonable than the ones in Brotherhood – but I don’t suppose that helps if you just don’t enjoy the multiplayer side of it.

  10. 5 games of a franchise on one generation of systems? Surely a record.

    • Guitar Hero 1,2,3, Greatest Hits, Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero, Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. I believe that’s 7 on one platform?

    • fifa’ll beat that easy.
      they have two or three in euros and world cup years.

    • I was proven wrong swiftly, should’ve put more thought in to that one! :D
      Still, it raises an interesting question. Here Ubisoft are said to be milking it but sports games, shooters and as mentioned, Guitar Hero are/were rarely said to be milking it. There’s a very fine line between “milking” and sating the desire of the public.

      • In my humble opinion Ubisoft aren’t milking this franchise at all. They’ve always said that the story would be concluded in 2012. This will probably be the final game. The story has been building up to this point for a very long time now and I’ve never been dissapointed with a AC game.

        Broterhood and Revelations might be seen as cash-ins, though I don’t agree with that either, but the third installment has been planned for ages now.

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