Far Cry 3 Trailer Leaks Out

The trailer for Far Cry 3 seems to have escaped from its holding pen and it looks gorgeous.

Admittedly it’s all CGI and rather violent but it does reveal a release date of September 6th. It’s not particularly suitable for work.


Source: AGB



  1. Love that trailer!

  2. Awesome! :D

  3. This trailer looks ace, just wasn’t too keen on the dubstep music in it. Looks like another pre order will be going down now !

    • What’s up with all this heavy use of dubstep in trailers nowadays? It’s sad how everybody and your grandmother is using it. Remember when trailers had carefully selected music that fitted perfectly?

      • What like Dead Island??

        We all know how that went down, don’t we? :P

      • I thought the music complimented the trailer well.

  4. Aren’t all games CGI? :-)

    Great trailer, though. Loving the energy in it.

  5. Nooo taken down already :(

  6. wow, that is nice.

  7. http://vd.reborn.ru/?a=watch&id=86350

    the russians have it ;)

    • Thanks for that link, looks really good.

    • nice one for the link spikey.

      Man it looks awesome!

      There’s alot of dev’s loving their dubstep for their game trailers lately

  8. Yes please!
    That looks pretty amazing to me. It’s videos like this that make me envious of PC gamers. (Yes, I realise in game graphics won’t be that good… but still)

  9. Looks amazing (Cheers SpikeyMikey)Just hope they dont make the same mistakes as with 2!

    • I found 2 pretty enjoyable, but there are three things i would like for FC3;

      1. Please make buddies less glitchy – I had a couple die for no real reason & a couple just plain disappear with no rhyme or reason to. Might just have been my game, but less of that would be nice.

      2. Less weapon degradation (or less harsh at least) – I don’t mind the degradation of weapons for a more realistic approach, but if i am stuck in the middle of the jungle with a gun that’s only use is as a walking stick, it’s not going to end well. At least let me use it as a beating stick. Or something.

      3. Less respawning checkpoints (or none would be better!) – Don’t you just hate it when you battle your way through a checkpoint ensuring all your enemies are dead, before moving on slightly & realising you have left your toothbrush back at the bar? Doh. So you turn your little jeep around to go back & get this most essential of items, only to be ambushed at that same checkpoint you just meticulously cleared & have literally only moved about 5 metres down the road from! Much, much less of this in the next one please.

      • Absolutely agree with those points especially no.3, my bloody god that annoyed the hell out of me almost ruined the game for me!

    • I really wanted to enjoy FC2 but the checkpoints ruined the single player and made me stop playing but the MP was great!

  10. The video is also available if you click on the source link at the end of the article

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