Free Copy of BF3 for Mass Effect 3 Origin Pre-Orders

The Mass Effect Twitter account sent out a message last night saying that anyone who has pre-ordered, or is planning to pre-order, Mass Effect 3 via Origin will be getting a copy of Battlefield 3 for free. This is as well as the Origin-exclusive AT12 Raider Shotgun.

I’m not entirely sure if this is US only, as I can’t find mention of it on the EU Origin store.

Source: Twitter





  1. That seems very generous, they are pushing this Origin quite hard!

    • I’d agree, this offer could push people over the edge.

  2. Not a bad offer there. Could get more people to preorder from them.

  3. Im tempted to buy get it off Origin now and give BF3 to my little brother. Im still not sold on origin though i avoid using it as much as possible.

  4. This is a very nice move by EA. I wouldn’t totally go for it if I didn’t have my mass effect 2 save on PS3.

  5. Hmm, it is a good offer but i would prefer if they threw in ME1&2 for free as BF3 doesn’t really interest me except for the odd session. Surely, you don’t throw in an FPS with an action RPG as i’m sure that they are aimed at two different audiences. Also, by allowing people who preorder to get the entire trilogy for the price of one ME, it would see an increase of people preordering it. :)

    I take it that ME3 is not getting released on Steam then?

    • Doubt we’ll ever see any EA games being released on Steam anymore, they’re pushing everything through Origin.
      Even so, it’s a good deal but I doubt we’ll see it over here, it’s US only.

  6. I played ME1 & ME2 on the PC and would like to carry on my save games to ME3 but Origin is really putting me off. I’ll either wait for ME3 to appear on Steam or go with the PS3 version… I just hope you can make some choices at the beginning to set the stage that matches your savegame from another platform like you could do in ME1 oon the PS3.

  7. I’ll be waiting a couple of weeks atleast before buying ME3. I was particularly stung by the amazing disappearing save bug in ME2 on the PS3 and following the DA2 farce I’ll wait for reviews and bug reports before buying this time.

  8. Looks like the deal is US only. They tweeted just after and mentioned it’s an US only deal. Doesn’t mean it won’t come to the EU, but it’s unlikely.

  9. If it does come to the EU, I can highly recomend BF3 for PC users. That game has become like digital crack for me :P

    As my Mass Effect 1 & 2 saves are all on my Xbox though, this deal would not appeal to me. Unless there was some way of linking the xbox/origin account.

  10. I wonder if this could be part of the reason they’ve had the falling out on Steam… tying games together and cross-game incentives?

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