Resident Evil 6 Images & Info

Capcom have revealed that Resident Evil 6 is set in 2013, a few years after Resident Evil 5 and have confirmed you can move and shoot at the same time.

Resident Evil man-totty Chris Redfield will be in the zombie infested fictional coastal town of Lanshiang in China having suffered a ‘personal trauma’ prior to Resident Evil 6 which will ‘haunt’ him during the game.


Leon S. Kennedy is ‘dedicated to the cause of confronting bioterror wherever it lies’ will be assisted by Ingrid Hunnigan, his Field Operations Support officer .

Helena Harper, a government agent who claims to be responsible for the latest outbreak has also been confirmed along with zombie president Adam BenfOrd.

The ‘Mystery man’ we saw in the trailer is  a mercenary who could save the world but seems to be more interested in money. Is that Capcom taking a sly dig at the giant pharmaceutical companies who only research cures that will make them cash?

One of the new enemies is called J’Avo, a Serbian word for demon.  These hard bastards can understand speech and coordinate attacks and also regenerate when wounded.  However ,when they do regenerate they mutate so what started as handsome chap called Bob may end up resembling a tentacle beast from hell.

Now just by coincidence I was watching Resident Evil: Extinction on Blu-ray last night  (shush, I like the films) and I recalled a segment on the latest PSM3 podcast.

They say that ‘Mystery Man’ is called Wesker and he is some sort of genetic experiment rather than a relation to the Resi bad guy. In the Resident Evil film series Alice is a genetic experiment created by Wesker.

Alice prefers fighting hand to hand, so does Mystery Wesker.

The worldwide bio-terrorism event that wipes the planet out in the films starts in China, the location for Resident Evil 6.

The PSM3 podcast thinks that Mystery Wesker’s location during the game is ‘Eastern Europe’ – Resident Evil 6 has been filming in Russia.

The fifth Resident Evil film, Retribution, will hit cinemas at the end of September, Resident Evil 6  will follow six weeks later.

Just sayin’.

Source: Capcom Unity



  1. This could be quite good :D

  2. A personal trauma? Claire better not be dead.

    • +1! I’m a huge Claire fan and I’m still waiting to see what they do with her storyline

  3. Cant wait for this! I hope Operation Raccoon City is good enough to tie me over.

  4. Looking forward to this, however I may well skip the vs game coming out in March. I do wish Capcom would make the characters (particularly the boss characters) less cheesy, it would give the game a far more scary and realistic feel like the originals.

  5. Those pictures are a bit dark, why don’t more people go zombie hunting in the daytime?
    Still looking forward to the game (and the film) though.

  6. Great to see some new info :) Cannot wait to play this one.

  7. WARNING: Ballerina-zombie in picture number 5.

  8. hope his personal trauma haunts him as a white sheet

  9. I’m actually really looking forward to this now :D

  10. I like the films too, I’d love to see Alice make a cameo (or more) in the game. She is so badass.

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