Vita Mortal Kombat Shows Off Augmented Reality

Mortal Kombat on PlayStation Vita comes with all the DLC from the PlayStation 3 version including everyone’s favourite mass murderer, Kratos.

It also comes with the ability to decapitate Kano in the kitchen, eviscerate Liu Kang in the library and burn Baraka to death in billiard room. Yes, it’s the Mortal Kombat: Cluedo DLC!


Oh alright, it’s not, but it is a nifty augmented reality feature.  Looks fab.

Update: Warner Bros. has been in touch to let us know that this trailer isn’t showing off an AR feature. The purpose of the trailer is to demonstrate that, with PS Vita, you can play Mortal Kombat anywhere. Perhaps not as gimmicky as AR backdrops but ripping people’s spines out while waiting in the Post Office queue has always been a personal dream of mine… [cb]

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  1. I watched this earlier, that’s what reality fighters SHOULD have done. Awesome.

  2. wow day one buy for me.

  3. cool video, wish they could make it interact with the back ground like smash them on the wall or pick up a library book at hit them with it or throw them to incoming car *just an idea*

    • Yeah, erm might need to wait a few years for that.

    • That sounds like a technical nightnare of an idea. I’d say it’ll be the best part of a decade before we see anything like that.

  4. Only slight problem that I can see is that I’m guessing the majority of people don’t hold a handheld at a right angle to the floor. If I was playing this, they would be pretty much playing on my knees at all times.

    Or maybe it’s just me?!

    • I don’t get it either, you’re in for some serious arm ache if you have to hold it up.

    • I’m sure you’ll be able to record a panorama of your preferred background for later use like you can in Relity Fighters.

    • As the backdrops are totally still I think that you capture them first before you play. The same can be done in reality fighters except the back drops are captured in three dimensions.

      • They are so far from “totally still” in the trailer… Have you watched it?

      • What Root Ginger is talking about is the background isn’t shaking around like it’s a live feed from the camera, it’s steady which implies it’s pre-recorded (or on a tripod).

  5. I think Im going to trade in my PS3 version to get this. This is how AR should be done!

  6. i can see some pretty funny videos coming with this feature.

    at least there would be if the vita had a video out option.

  7. Totally missed opportunity of showing fatalities in a children’s playground :(

  8. Finish him!!!!


  9. That looks really kool.

  10. Looks awesome. Vita is looking more fearsome every day. Day effing one!

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