Sony Outlines Cross Play Between PS3 and PS Vita

Sony has confirmed Cross Play and shared DLC for a number of PlayStation 3 and PS Vita titles.

In a press release just issued, SCEE confirmed that MotorStorm RC, Top Darts, Hustle Kings, WipEout HD and HD Fury DLC for WipEout 2048 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC is to be one price for access to play across both PS Vita and PS3 systems.


Basically, they’re saying that the content can be purchased via the Store and will be able to be played on both PS3 and Vita for the one price.

“For those who already own any of these titles for their PS3 systems, will be able to download this same content to their PS Vita systems for free, and vice versa,” says the statement.

The same press release also confirms Cross play for MotorStorm RC, Hustle Kings, Top Darts and WipEout. We tried Cross Play with Hustle Kings today and it worked perfectly.

Cross Play allows users to compete with gamers regardless of which system they are playing on.

Also nice to get confirmation that WipEout 2048 will be getting the HD Fury DLC, something that was hinted at in our interview with the developers a few weeks back.



  1. So I can buy WipEout 2048 for my my PS3 at that ridiculously low price without needing to buy a Vita?

    • No.
      The post is saying Wipeout 2048 owners get the HD Fury DLC free when it’s released for Vita if they already own it on PS3.
      I don’t think 2048 is coming to PS3 at all, definitely not anytime soon.

      • I really hope it does!

      • It would make sense to add the 2048 ships and tracks as another component of Wipeout HD, its almost episodic already. Gabe Newell would be jealous.

  2. That may prove to be a system seller for me. Does anyone know if there will be video converters to allow me to watch stuff on the go? If it does that too I may well have swung round.

    • Google PS Vitavvideo 9, I used to use their PSP software.

    • Media Go did really well for PSP videos I’m sure there will be an update for it to work with Vita and be at a higher resolution.

      • Media Go will never work with the Vita. Sony have said this before.

  3. This is really good news, basically I already have a few games that I can play on a vita. Really clever this by Sony, I reckon it’ll get quite a lot of people over the line.

    So, ea, why isn’t FIFA like this hey? Why is there a seperate vita version? Hey? Hey? Why? Hey?

    • They were developed separately and are actually quite different. FIFA on Vita isn’t called FIFA 12 for a reason- the gameplay is much closer to FIFA 11.
      For one thing, Vita FIFA doesn’t have the new defending options.
      I’m waiting for the next FIFA, hopefully it’ll have them.

      • I’m also waiting for the next Fifa.

  4. Great idea, well done Sony!

    • Not often they get praise but this is certainly a time for a well done. Adding value for existing customers. Now who else is doing much of that these days?

  5. I never bought Hustle Kings because I got Inferno Pool (from this site, I’m sure- cashing in those beloved TSA points) and it was awesome, plus- why have two PSN Pool games?
    But Crossplay and Buy Once Get Both mean I’ll be picking it up very soon.
    Motorstorm was already a must buy- then I saw a price about €25 less than I was expecting. I’m still convinced Top Darts is a bit crap though.

  6. Loving the fact Wipeout is having its valve increased. It’s cheap anyway for the 3G Vita but now it’s going to have extra fun for free. This game is likely to suck up my summer at this rate!

  7. Typical Sony, always screwing the consumer… err…. wait a minute

    • You can pretty much guarantee this fantastic news won’t get anywhere near the coverage of the usual Sony shit-stirring stories that seem to be the flavor of the year…

      Or if it is covered, there is be some lame footnote about how it doesn’t apply to ever single game ever released etc etc etc…

      • Really? I’ve not seen any of these so called “shit stirrin” stories. In fact, there seems to be little to no bias in gaming journalism nowadays. I doubt that Peter would allow any of the staff to put a footnote about it not applying to every single game ever. ;)

      • LOL, no Bias in game journelism?

        Try a visit to Eurogamer, Joystiq, Kotaku, LensOfTruth and so forth…

        Try this, and tell me this is not a campaign to badmouth the PS3. It’s been going on since 2009.

        If you think Microsoft’s aren’t paying for this, then you are a fool.

      • Did you click any of those links in your Google search?
        It’s a PS3 owner being sarcastic.
        He actually does seem to genuinely like his PS3.

        And even if that wasn’t the case, you can’t say there is a widespread, systemic bias in favour of or against any one console by basing your case on one single journalist, can you?

  8. OK, can someone please confirm this;

    1/ I have hustle kings for PS3 – does that mean i can download the vita version on a memory card without buying it again?

    2/ Is this the only game that i can do this with (not DLC)?

    • 1) Yes.
      2) No. Motorstorm RC and Top Darts are also confirmed too.

  9. The PS Blog’s post is ambiguous- did they say that 2048 is getting DLC of Wipeout HD+Fury tracks, or did they just announce Wipeout HD will release on Vita and it will be free for people who already own it?

    • I thought I was the only one who saw that, didnt want sound dumb asking but they did say wipeout HD & DLC so am guessing another vita game there

      • It’s DLC. Terribly worded, but basically WipEout 2048 will be DLC confusingly called ‘Fury’ and ‘HD’ which will have the tracks from the PS3 game to race on.

      • Thanks for that.
        Wouldn’t be SCEE without leaving at least one confusing remark.
        Still, I love it. HD and Fury are fantastic, and I love that those tracks (especially HD’s) will be in 2048.

      • Thanks Nofi. Sounds like 2048 is truly going to be the ideal model for a game.

        Sony really is pushing the software side hard, well done.

    • Oh am not complaining anyway, I suck at wipeout been playing the wipeout HD and am getting it since I got the 3G vita, time to put in work

    • Sorry, I’m still a bit confused by it… does it mean if i have Wipeout HD/Fury for PS3 already i can play it on Vita?

      • Yeah it is quite confusing! I got hustle kings and wipeout HD for free during the hack so I guess I can get something for free. The wife said I can buy a Vita but I have hardly ever played on my psp and our first kid is due in 2 weeks. Perfect time for an upgrade no? but I feel guilty haha.

      • No. It means if you have Wipeout HD & Fury for the PS3, when you buy Wipeout 2048 for the Vita you can download the Fury DLC for Wipeout 2048 Vita for free.

      • In short, no. You have to purchase Wipeout 2048 to access the Wipeout HD and Fury content on Vita.
        In long (?), for games like MotorStorm RC and Hustle Kings where it is the same game, then you buy it for one platform and automatically get access to the game on the other platform, no extra charge.
        For games like Wipeout 2048, the PS3 game (Wipeout HD) is not the same game, however content from both will be shared, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to play with/against players on the other platform.

      • Groovy, thanks for clearing that up guys!
        @Matthangzhou : Yeah, i have Hustle Kings so that’s handy. Congrats and best wishes for the new arrival! Absolutely perfect time for an upgrade i would think. ;)

      • Cheers TSBonyman! We’re both looking forward to it and dreading it in equal measures. I think a Vita would be perfect for those 10 minutes of gaming I might get in between nappies and sleeping instead of trying to find several hours to get lost in Skyrim!

  10. Hopefully cross play will become the standard with more titles in the future.

    • I agree. I already have Top Darts, Hustle Kings and Wipeout HD & Fury as well as planning on getting MotorStorm RC. Extra value is what I’m talking about!

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