New Velocity Gameplay Trailer Teleports In

You may remember our exclusive hands-on with Futurlab’s latest mini, Velocity. I absolutely loved it, with the highlight being the ability to teleport your ship across the screen.

Well, a new gameplay trailer has been released, and whilst it starts off at a fairly achievable skill level, by the end I’m not even sure the player is human.


I’m now feeling slightly ashamed of my level of skill, and am off to practice. Sleep is for the weak!



  1. Oh wow it looks awesome! Loved Coconut Dodge so i will be buying this when it comes out…any info about the game price when it comes to store?

  2. i have no chance of ever playing like that . my reaction times are hopeless now but damn im going to try, it looks amazing .

  3. As a programmer, I usually play 3D Hyper-Chess, so arcade games are not my speciality. However I can play Velocity like this and I have shocking reaction times. My carers still won’t let me cross the road on my own and I’m 37. Fortunately the designers have spent ages making sure the learning curve leads you by the hand without you noticing. By the time you get to the later levels you’ll be kicking gluteus maximus and taking names with the best of them. Now, of course, I’m biased – I wrote the code – but as you know programmers are incapable of lying. Or maybe that’s Vulcans – but it amounts to the same thing.

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