Treasure Maps DLC Coming To Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Uncharted: Golden Abyss is one of the Vita’s best games, with Dan’s review dishing out a 9/10.

A patch, released today which takes the game to version 1.01, has announced that the game will be getting some DLC too, in the shape of something called ‘Treasure Maps’.


The download is 71MB, so we’re assuming the DLC is actually included, and this is something that’ll be announced shortly enough for – we’re guessing – purchase.  We’re kinda hoping that Treasure Maps is this.

The 1.01 patch also features the excitingly titled but rather vague ‘bug fixes’.  If there’s anything major in there we’ll let you know.

Golden Abyss, alongside the Vita itself, is released this Wednesday.



  1. nice can not wait to play it.

  2. Sure the DLC ain’t the Black Market? I hope not, because I want to see something new:D Already platinum in it.

    • Yep, Black Market’s been there since launch, despite what the EU Blog says.

      • Ah, okay. I have the Japanese version and the Black Market wasn’t there. Well, time to get exited about what this is then:)

  3. Does it download to the cart or the memory card?
    I’m in two minds whether to download the game or not.
    On the one hand, Uncharted anywhere, with another game in the slot (Rayman), and not having to carry anything else with me. On the other hand? A quarter of my 16gb gone.
    Decisions, decisions…

    • Downloads to the memory card I think. Games that only uses the game card can’t have DLC.

  4. Oh for Drake’s sake! I hope they won’t cost more then £4 as that is what they are worth. Imo. I really hope it’s not recycled content from the previous games although, i do understand that it may not have been possible to port the maps over.

    • How do you know what it’s worth when you don’t know what it is?

      • I’m physic. :p I personally think maps are not worth more then £4 . :)

  5. Yep, just got the patch earlier.

    Surprised how quick the patch downloaded for a70+mb patch. Only took 5 mins, usually takes me around 15 to download a patch like that on PS3. Downloaded in the background too.

  6. Sounds more like a location-based asynchronous multiplayer treasure hunt than traditional Uncharted multiplayer to me!

  7. Awesome! I hope it’s free…. I know it won’t be free :(

  8. Hope its something like coop treasure hunting then competitive multiplayer, any word on if it as Trophies or not?

    • No new trophies on PSN yet at least.

  9. Well you certainly can’t ascuse them of not supporting their game after release, just a shame DLC is already floating around before the game is even out here in the EU.
    Still not sure on the Vita. In theory I should love it given how much I enjoy PS exclusives but its still a lot of money. I noticed Game/Gamestation are doing a deal where you can essentially own the console for 2 weeks for £10. Tempted to do that so I can try it, form my own opinion and then return it if I don’t like it.

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