Mass Effect 3 Cinematic Trailer Is Live

Debuting during last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, BioWare’s “Take Earth Back” CG trailer has hit the net. Mostly comprised of Reapers tearing down landmarks and scaring little girls, the cinematic teaser picks up towards the end with a clash between Shepard and his Earth defence allies.

Though it looks fairly slick with an epic orchestral number in the background, for some it won’t quite reach the heights of Mass Effect 2’s unforgettable 2010 launch trailer.



  1. Great trailer. Sheppard looks well pissed off. Looking forward to this!

  2. nice, really looking forward to this

  3. I’m a real sucker for CG trailers and cut scenes. For me personally this trailer puts the ME2 launch trailer from 2010 to shame.

    • Sames, but I don’t think they’ve beaten the ME3 debut trailer. Pure awesomeness!

  4. Son of a… Now i am begining to want ME3(i forced myself to not want it so that i wouldn’t be annoyed when it comes out due to the reapers stealing my wallet, bar stewards). I wonder if we will get to play the final battle(which is hopefully a space one) as a RTS?

  5. I loved ME2, but the ME3 demo kinda put me off due to really bad frame rates during cutscenes at least on the PS3 version. If they can sort that out then of course I will buy it though.

  6. One of the strongest CG trailers that I’ve seen. Definitely peaked my interest in ME3.

  7. ME2 had a boring gunplay/gameplay in my opinion, but after playing ME 3 demo 4 times through i loved it. Gameplay was fun, shooting was fun etc. With this CG trailer it’s enough to convince me to buy ME 3.

    • Surprised by this comment. ME2 was definitely lacking in terms of gunplay but it feels largely unchanged in ME3 (in fact the whole game seems to share the same flaws that ME2 had).
      As long as the storyline is great I don’t really mind, I’m just surprised the ME3 demo won you over given the fact you didn’t enjoy ME2.

      • I haven’t played the demo, but did it have the same storytelling gameplay mode, which makes the combat more run and gun and overall easier, which is in the full game?

        That could explain it, certainly that is the option I am going which upon getting ME3.

      • ME 3 combat feels more fast paced, i love the guns sounds and their feels when shooting plus they added a hitmark which is fun when i just spray and pray, oh yes and Multiplayer that convinced me too.

  8. I’m not going to lie… I didn’t enjoy ME2 when I played it on PS3 first time. However, I am now playing it on 360 am i’m over 25 hours through (currently getting my level up ect) and am loving it. I cannot wait for this, once I finish ME2 of course..

  9. Also: I agree about the ME2 combat, it’s the weakest thing about the game…

  10. Am I the only one that thought the dialogue in the demo was a bit off? Not only was the lip sync a Lil bad, but some of the lines came across borderline cheesy and unneccassary. Like the first time u see Wrex and he says to Lliara “wouldn’t wanna do it with any one else” and Gareth says something like “thought u were going soft on me”

    Cringe much?

    • And I don’t think they needed to “Sex Up” Ashley either. I liked the realistic sexy Ashley had going for her.

      I love that they’ve improved the action greatly and lv up tree but it felt like the game traded in some of its great “Drama-ish” quality for full on American gungho “blow stuff up action film”.

      That’s just my impression but but either way got it pre-ordered and I’m confident it will be a great game.

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