MotorStorm RC To Get Two DLC Packs

As alluded to at the bottom of our review this morning (and this afternoon published by Spong) Evolution’s MotorStorm RC will have two DLC packs down the line, with mention of both to be featured tomorrow on the PlayStation Blog.

The two additional content packs will be new Festivals, selectable from the main menu, and sport the names Pro-Am and Carnival. There are four new trophies to unlock in each, and a good chunk of new events and circuits.


Here are the trophies, typed up by Spong:

Pro-Am Festival

  • The Triple Double: Win all 3 medals on any Pro-Am Festival event
  • Half-way House: Earn 24 medals within the Pro-Am Festival
  • Dedicated Stormer: Earn all 3 medals on each of the 16 Pro-Am Festival events
  • Pro-Am Champion: Set a time of 12:00 or less across all Pro-Am Festival events

Carnival Festival

  • The Triple Triple: Win all 3 medals on any Carnival Festival event
  • Half Loaded: Earn 36 medals within the Carnival Festival
  • Perfect Stormer: Earn all 3 medals on each of the 24 Pro-Am Festival events
  • Carnival Champion: Set a time of 17:00 or less across all Pro-Am Festival events

The trophies are visible on current review code for the game, it’s not clear whether this will be tidied up before the game releases on Wednesday.  It was inferred over the weekend that the DLC appearing wasn’t intentional.

The game scored 9/10 in our review.



  1. Explain the low entry price for the base game?

  2. I have no problem with this as long as the game is as good value as it seems… at £4.65 it must be!

  3. Even more of a bargain!

    • I’d imagine they won’t be free.

      • Yeah but the cost of Motorstorm DLC on PS3 has been quite reasonable.

  4. I have no problem with that, as the base game has a load of content for a bargain price. They have to make money somehow!

  5. Hopefully the DLC prices will reflect the price of the game :)

    • Nah, tenner a piece. :P

      • I hope not :P same price as the game for each one, so a tenner overall ;)

      • I was actually thinking less than that tbh. You are generous! :)

        Basically, the way i look at DLC is that it is a fraction of the size of a full game, so it needs to be a fraction of the price of a full game. I usually work around 10% (ish) with a slight boost if i am really enjoying the game.

        This however might be different due to the low base price. We’ll see.

      • Looking at the trophies though theres seems to be a fair amount of content so ill be generous for now.

  6. Holy shit get

    That is all.

  7. Its outrageous. I heard this dlc is already on the disc. Why should i pay to unlock content that already on the retail disc?! Oh wait a minute….. Nah. Charge what you like Sony for dllc. Price of the base game is bargainous and any additional packs are optional. My vita says dispatching soon on Amazon. So close i can smell it.

    • Now i’m not 100% on this but isn’t Motorstorm RC a download only game?

      • yeah download only, dont get what this guys gripe is with it?

      • I was joking. Apologies if it didnt come across that way.

      • Happy for them to charge fpr dlc given the value of the base game at a great price. Personally i dont care in general if paid dlc is on the disc. If you know what you get when you pay for the retail disc and you know the price youve paid then youve made an informed decision. Dont want to fork out for the dlc then dont. Simple as that.

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