Video: The Creation Of Journey

thatgamecompany have helpfully pointed us in in the direction of a 55 minute video taken at Game City Nottingham in which Robin Hunicke, producer at thatgamecompany, discusses the creation of  Journey from early 2009 to the present day.

Source: YouTube



  1. Love this kind of video! I like to see how the game is made; then play the product..

  2. I’ll have to watch this later on as it’s a bit long, interesting though.

  3. Excellent insight. It would be nice to see more things like this. I want to play this game even more now.

  4. Popped onto my Watch Later list. Cheers, TC. Lovely find.

  5. Lovely video, just listening to it in the background and my sisters going to give it a watch as well.
    I think it’s slowly changing my mind about Journey as well but we’ll see.

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