Podcast: Episode 52

Instead of taking part in this week’s podcast, Peter decided to spend some time in a car park. It’s certainly an odd choice, but he does live in Northern Ireland so you can’t expect too much he does to make sense. This meant we were a little light when it came to gaming content but fortunately Peter had supplied us with a backup plan. As he’d already written his review for Shank 2, one of the games he would have talked about, he asked us to read it out. Although I gave it my best dramatic reading it seems that Kev and Lewis weren’t all that impressed with my efforts.

Unfortunately Kev had a few technical issues with his internet connection, mostly that it kept deciding to nip round the back of the bike shed and have a crafty smoke instead of actually letting him stay connected to Skype. This only lead to one blip in the final podcast, although he does go missing for about ten minutes whilst Lewis and I do our best to soldier on by talking about the nominations for the BAFTA Games Awards. If you’re interested in a breakdown of most of the nominees and our opinions on them (spoiler: Skyrim features heavily) then this really is the only podcast for you.

Also on the plate is Lewis’ opinion on Julia’s Eyes, which is a film rather than simply the eyes of a woman he met (or at least that’s what he talks about). He also guides us through the complex Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy, whilst Kev takes a look at Conviction and finally gets to talk about Uncharted 3. There’s also a rather good game related quiz, although it’s only of interest if you’re much smarter than me (probably most of our listenership).

We also apologise for the late nature of this podcast, some files didn’t end up syncing to Dropbox and everything got a bit delayed. However, you can be happy that it’s here now, ready to find its way into your waiting ears.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Pancake podcast!

  2. Damn, the quiz was hard. Only got 4 and that was me giving myself a point for saying a moogle is a flying white ball that says kupo a lot. I thought tawni or however you spell it was crash’s sister.

  3. I did warn you that i went batsh*t crazy last week. ;) Is it me or did Kev and Lewis turn posh for a few minutes?

    Is it wrong that i would actually try to make a fried Chocobo if they existed? Also, SHUN TO KEV! SHUN HIM! :p

    • Also, that’s not my leash you are yanking on Kev. ;)

  4. A Moogle is blatantly a cat!

  5. For the first time ever I got more correct answers in the quiz than the presenters with 3! (Quite sad how happy this makes me). I always thought moogles were rabbits…

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