WeView: F1 2011

Given how popular this game is with the community, it surprised me that I hadn’t looked at the F1 series for WeView before. I mean we run a F1 Championship with trophies and everything, how had this slipped by me in my quest for games to look at? However, now I have seen the light and it’s time to look at the sim racer.

It sometimes feels a bit tricky to select a yearly franchise like F1 or FIFA for WeView, a lot of what will come up will be comments comparing it to past iterations of the series. In fact our very own review of the game makes mention of the 2010 entry in the series when summing up:

Now the tricky part – is F1 2011 worth picking up if you already own 2010? That’s a question that only the individual can really answer – there’s certainly a good, extensive and solid game here but then a good chunk of it is clearly based on last year’s code and visuals, even most of the menu interface remains the same.

The improvements are all for the better – that’s for sure – but perhaps we’d have liked to have seen more of them. Anyone that bypassed 2010 and held out for this years can relax easy, though, this is probably the best Formula One game we’ve seen for years.

So although it is the best F1 game for years, it might be hard to justify if you owned the 2010 version. That’s a fair comment, without a major overhaul it can often be tricky to justify spending the high amount of money that modern games ask of us. We still liked the game a lot though, scoring it at 8/10. The question is, do you agree?

Do you think it was tricky to justify if you had 2010, or were the improvements present enough for you? Are you a die hard F1 fan who would have bought the game regardless of how it was reviewed? Did you pick it up and feel a little let down by the changes from 2010? Maybe it was the first time you picked up an F1 game and you can provide a fresh look on the series.

No matter what your opinion on the game let us know by dropping a comment below.

Once you’ve given your opinion make sure you give the game as rating on the Buy It, Bargain Bin It, Rent It, Avoid It scale, meaning we can then form the community’s verdict of the game. If you feel like writing about the game and rating it you’ll need to have completed your view by Sunday afternoon, otherwise you’ll miss the cut off for Monday’s verdict post.



  1. F1 2011 is my first F1 game and for anyone looking to break into the bustling franchise/sport then it’s a truly great game for you! However, that said F1 2012 is inevitable and if you want to get on the hype train, now its probably best to sit and wait for what will most likely be a better game.

    Rent It

  2. I was really hyped for F1 2010, and at first I loved it, but then the bugs crept in, and ruined the whole experience completley. As a result, I was very sceptical that 2011 would be an improvement, given the lack of time they would have to fix the issues from last year. Happily, most were, and again, initially, I loved it. However, just with 2010, 2011 is still full of bugs, and the more I play it, the more and more I ask why did I buy 2011 in the first place.

    It is a solid racer, no doubt, but the polish still is not there, with daft things such as stupid AI which stops in front of you when you go to lap, or the 11/11 glitch (thankfully now fixed, but how did it get there in the first place!?!), or the odd invisible walls on some corners, the odd framerate lag, or the frankly flaky penalty system which often gets it wrong… There is the old saying that says “when you do things right, it’s like you have done nothing at all”. F1 2011 is a way off that.

    Rent it – and if you can stand the issues, bargain bin it.

  3. If you want a Formula One game buy F1 2010 you can pick it up cheap enough! F1 2011 to me was a major step down from 2010 it plays well but there were framerate issues plus it didnt look as beautiful as the last game.
    Avoid It! Buy F1 2010!

  4. Frame rate issues really bothered me with this game despite all the excellence in general elsewhere. Its all very well putting all the bells and whistles on but not at the expense of something so important as frame rate. I bought it on release day, enjoyed it but as ultimately disappointed. Bargain Bin.

  5. Only two issues with the game that annoy me, which are the strange online frame drop lags and the inconsistent and baffling penalty system.
    The lag phenomenon happens occasionally where you’ll be catching up with someone on track, then with a sudden flicker of the screen and frame drop they would appear to have increased their lead by several seconds in an instant!
    The other issue is the penalty system which was pretty baffling as the game just seemed to randomly hand them out whoever was on hand for no reason at times….a good example is getting a 10 second time penalty for overtaking a car that is beached in the gravel trap!
    If you can get past those two issues though, the game is actually superb and is still a currently played title in my collection.
    As the game is last years model it’s now at bargain prices anyway….so my conclusion has to be BUY IT.

  6. PS3. My dtwo main bugbears with the game were the framerate (a game like this requires at LEAST a rock solid 30fps – ideally 60fps), and the lack of 1:1 mapping when using steering wheel controllers; you had to try and find a balance with all their various options, and could only ever get it to ‘adequate’. When you’ve spent £400 on a steering wheel (T500), ‘adequate’ just doesn’t cut it.

    Avoid. In fact, avoid the engine too.

  7. This was my first F1 game since that classic PC game by Micropose…. Really looking forward to it being an F1 fan and to be honest, i was very happy with the game. However, im very much a casual gamer, so most of the bugs that others noticed and had problems with, i was luckily oblivious to (for better or for worst).

    Good things for me was the multiplayer. This was the first game that ever got me to sign up and get involved in a TSA championship (which i really enjoyed) and stopped being a TSA voyuer so to speak. Also the coop championship is great fun (with tonyyeb!) and a great addition to a driving game I’ve seen.

    Bad things for me was loading times… So slow and so often. As I don’t always have a lot of time to play it did bug me somewhat.

    In general it was what I expected from an F1 game (excluding loads of bugs) as its not really a genre you can do anything groundbreaking with as its sim based on a real life sport… All they can do is make it as realistic as possibly which i think they did a good job on.

    Overall, i would recommend it for F1 fans. For non fans then maybe it’s not for you. Most people have a better eye for bugs than I do, so i would say bargin bin it, but definitely worth a play to race online as it is great fun!

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