Borderlands 2 Release Date and Trailer

Gearbox are getting all dubsteppy with the latest Borderlands 2 trailer. They’ve announced the release date for September 18th in the US and 21st around the rest of the world.

Judging from the trailer, it’s everything that made us love the first Borderlands but bigger, louder and with a bit more wobble bass. The music is Doomsday by Nero but I think they’ve missed a trick not signing Skrillex. I mean, Skrillex even looks like a borderlands character, surely there’s a tie-in opportunity too good to miss?



  1. Yup – After not being too sure over how the first one was going to pan out & then loving it when i eventually did pick it up, i will be all over this one this time. :)

  2. A week after my birthday? (Well, 8 days…)

  3. Nice one. Will be looking forward to this.

  4. I’m like to say I’ve retained an air of cool ambivalence regarding Borderlands 2… but that would be an outright lie. It’s been pre-ordered for ages!

  5. Excited, but why does everything have Dub music these days?
    i like the look of all the characters on there now. I can’t wait to get 3 of my friends together to play this.

    • Everything needs more dirty wobble, mini-Lipscombe. Everything.
      The only thing more universally required is monkeys, and that’s a fact.

      • I was going to say that it must be your influence on the gaming industry making every one use dub, TSA is more influential than you could ever have imagined!

        I would have been happier with the Vault Hunters battle rapping with the little robot… And maybe a monkey : p

  6. Awesome trailer. The first game was brilliant so will definately be getting this.

  7. Oh. My. What? Awesome.
    Preordering this right now.
    I mean, come on! It has a dubstep Claptrap!
    The first game is one of my favourite shooters of all time so this would have been a no-brainer anyways.

    • Also: Horizontal split screen? Thank god! I hated the fact that it was vertical split screen in BL1.

  8. 2:25 is just amazing. Day one.

    Hope that there’s alittle more storyline in this one though, got alittle bored with Borderlands 1.

  9. Goddammit! I was excited watching the trailer thinking “sweet, no Claptrap in sight!” then they add one in towards the end? and trying to break dance/have a fit. Might get this, only if there is epileptic Claptrap hunting side missions!

  10. Haven’t played the first one, but this definitely looks awesome.

    • Me neither. this looks fun though although… in borderlands, can you aim down the sites? No aiming down the sites, no sale. Ruined halo for me

      • I’m sure there was? now pre-order it as you can aim down the sights of ze guns.


      • What do you mean by “aim down the sites”?

      • I presume he means pressing L1 for accurate shots instead of shooting from the hip. I haven’t played a game where that is the case in yeaaaaaars.

      • Pretty sure aiming down the sights/scope was mapped to L2, with firing on R2. Only remember this because it was awkward as hell switching from the COD-standard L1 aim/R1 fire combo, ended up inadvertently using skills and chucking grenades before I got used to it.

      • There is def aiming down the sights in the first one, so pretty sure there will be in the second one.

      • Iron sights in Borderlands = Yes.

        Iron sights in Borderlands 2 = Dunno, but i don’t see why not.

      • Indeed it had iron sights in BL1. Only evidence I see so far in BL2 is scoped, but as Forest says no reason why not.
        As for those who don’t have the first one you can get it with all DLC for £16 from Tesco online.
        Pre-ordered mine last year and CANNOT wait.

        And for Mugsybalone – try using the ‘assassin’ (I think it was called that) control layout.

      • Er, scratch that, £13 on Zavvi.

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