Forbes: PS4 May Be Powered By AMD

Forbes is reporting that the next PlayStation console may be powered by AMD.

“Sony is working on an as-yet-unannounced new gaming console,” says the report, citing “former AMD employees” and claiming that AMD “may play a key role in the new product.”


The Xbox 360 is already powered by AMD’s graphics chips, but PS3 uses Nvidia technology.

Both AMD and Sony have declined to comment on the story, but, as Forbes states, AMD’s Chief Financial Officer Thomas Seifert recently identified gaming as something that will drive revenue growth at the company in 2012.

Forbes link through to the ‘full story’, here, although there’s little else there apart from a line that says that “work on another yet-to-be-announced collaboration with Sony is under way, potentially ­unseating Nvidia, which powers the PlayStation 3.”

Sounds a little woolly, but there you go.



  1. I hope not. Simply so that backwards compability can be as easy as possible, and then there’s Nvidia’s physx that’s been used in some games. I don’t know if this would have an effect on 3D aswell.

    • I don’t know much about how backwards compatibility works but I don’t think the graphics chip will be the deceiding factor here. The PS4 would either need a Cell kind of CPU architecture, come with a Cell chip (like the early PS3s that had a PS2 chip integrated) or it would have to be so powerful, that it could easily emulate it, which I believe is not going to happen.
      Again, this is not the kind of IT that I’m familiar with so please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Could mean an AMD CPU, not GPU?

  2. I don’t believe it for a second, I don’t want a next gen PlayStation yet.

  3. Sony have had a relatively long standing relationship with Nvidia, it’s part of the ‘you versus me’ territory of consoles, with battling manufacturers providing rival parts for the rival systems.

    It would be very odd for Nvidia to let that slip and have no representation in next gen consoles. Unless of course Nvidia are keen to focus on their Tegra line and believe that is the future, or at least worth skipping a console generation to help get the jump on the mobile angle.

    • I was always under the impression that Sony went with the current PS3 Nvidia GPU right at the last moment of development as the original design for whatever reason (likely monetary) got rejected.
      I am not sure how much of relationship existed prior to that design decision if any.

      If there is one thing that AMD are ahead of Nvidia in the current manufacturing of GPU is die size and thermals, which in a compact device like a console is a major factor. So I could see Sony choosing AMD over Nvidia in this case.

      • You’re right, I thought Nvidia had a hand in the PS2’s gpu but I was getting mixed up with the Xbox.

  4. I would have thought intel myself.

    • Intel don’t make graphics card’s so it would have never been them.
      AMD and Nvidia are the only two graphics card makers so it has to be one of those two.

      • Actually thats incorrect,intel make a ton of onboard gfx chips their just generally not noted for gaming rigs.
        They certainly aren’t short of the resources to make a chip for gaming purposes though i’d assume.

  5. so next gen could be see both xbox and ps using AMD? will be entertaining to see who gets the most out of the systems if they used the same card

  6. The new AMD FX 8-Core chips are meant to be rather good and easy to use.

    • Ever since Ati first started they have had decent tech,it’s the actual integration of the things that fails every time.

  7. Love AMD processors but not a fan of their graphics cards as they can be horribly buggy when it comes to updates. Never had a problem with Nvidia though.

    • Agree with you there. The processors are great but the graphic cards not so much.

  8. Nvidia GPU dual cores would be better.

    • Better than what? There is no mention of a graphics chip that you could possibly compare to any nVidia dual core GPU.

      • My 4mb 3dfx card,or certain types of cheese:).

  9. AMD Fusion. System on a chip. Major cost savings.

  10. PS4 will be mindblowing….

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