Guild Wars 2 Public Beta Open for Sign Ups

NCSoft has announced the Guild Wars 2 Beta is open for sign ups, but only for the next 2 days. Players who want to take part in Beta events will have to sign up by 18:00 GMT Friday 24th February. If you’re interested then sign up here. If you want to know more about Guild Wars 2 watch the trailer below.

Source: Press Release



  1. You need to provide DX Diag info.. so that will have to wait till later

  2. sweet! signing up now

  3. cool, i wanted to go with “sweet” but Scotty up there already used that one >_<
    i beta tested the original, and it changed quite a bit from the beta to the final product from what i recall.

    i'll sign up later when my internet stops being an idiot.

  4. Love me some Guild Wars. GW2 looks different enough to “other” MMO’s to be classed as moving the genre forward, which can only be a good thing with WoW losing it’s shine and that other single player game SWTOR being half baked.

  5. Shiny :D

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