Jet Set Radio Teased for PSN/LIVE

SEGA has just released a teaser trailer, titled “guess who’s back”. The logo at the end appears to be from Dreamcast classic, Jet Set Radio, and the teased game is to release on PSN and LIVE.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: SEGA



  1. Please be true, love jet set radio and the music was so awesome

  2. Amazing news!

    Certain buy for me, although I think Future may have been the better game.

  3. Is it wrong that i don’t know what this is?? :S

    • Yes it is

      • Well, i am guessing that it is something that has been released previously by the “guess who’s back?” statement, but that is as much as i can fathom from looking at a still of the video (vids don’t work in work).

        So assuming this was a game from a by-gone era, what platform would it have appeared on?

      • Says “Dreamcast classic” ;)

      • Ah yes, didn’t see that! :S

        Yeah, that’ll be why i know nothing of it then – Didn’t bother with the dreamcast.

    • I put my hand up, i don’t know it either.

  4. Hope with some of the PSN releases that it’ll play on teh PSV..

    • that is going to be everyone’s question from now on, do we get the vita version of the game lol

  5. Vita version please…

  6. best soundtrack evor

  7. Finally!!!

  8. Jet Set Radio?

    Bring it. Now.

  9. and probably with licensing issues, most of the music will be missing, which will be a heavy blow for a game like this.

    anybody who’s played Jet Set/Grind Radio knows music plays a big part in the game.

    • Most of the music you remember from JSR/JGR is from Hideki Naganuma and Sega own those tunes so no problem there.

      • that’s good then, because it just wouldn’t be the same game without the music.

        now i think about it, i’m sure i had xbox game somewhere, i’ll have to see if it works on 360, assuming i can find it of course. ^_^

  10. I absolutely loved this game. I’d borrowed my mate’s dreamcast and he didn’t get it back until I’d beaten it.

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