Podcast: Episode 53

[drop2]This week, Kev was off partying so he couldn’t record. We decided that, to celebrate the PS Vita’s launch, we’d do a special show, without a running order. We got Tuffcub and Teflon on to join Lewis, Kris and myself and we chatted up a storm about Sony’s latest handheld console.

That’s not all we talked about though, Lewis also took the opportunity to talk about a film called Jesus Camp, Kris spoke about Dirt Showdown and I said a few words about SSX (full review after midnight when the embargo lifts!)

Of course, there was another fantastic quiz from Lewis, with a conclusion that might surprise people who have been listening over the past few weeks. Then we did the usual listener’s questions and general chat.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. oh god. Tuffcubs on. I have this ones going to push the boundary of un PC

  2. Probably listen to it in Maths.. will be exciting with Tuffcub.. oh god

  3. Sad I missed the party, well not that sad, the party I DID attend was also rather nice. I shall listen at the gym tonight :)

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