Gravity Rush DLC Detailed

[drop2] It seems that Gravity Rush/Daze will be getting some DLC, in Japan at least.

Starting on March 22nd and lasting for three weeks, players will be able to buy one DLC pack per week which contains one costume, two side missions and three challenge missions.


The first pack is called “Cat Suit”, and will cost ¥400. Hopefully we will get some of this DLC when the game launches over here (heck, some already bundled in would be nice).

We went hands on with the game a while back, with the final word being that this is a title you should definitely keep an eye on.

Source: Andriasang



  1. I will be buying this. Good to know that the game is getting support after release. Hope this DLC makes the journey to the EU.

  2. This game looks great. Any news on a EU release date yet?

    • May 29th, I believe.

      • Dang, thats quite a while considering its been out in Japan for a while already.
        Oh well, March is already a really busy month for new releases so it gives me time to wade through some of those I guess

    • Christ.. thats long

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