Gravity Rush Remastered Comes To EU PS4s In February, With A Sequel Next Year

Gravity Rush – known as Gravity Daze in Japan – was one of the best and most popular exclusive titles on the PS Vita, with a unique gravity shifting gameplay mechanic at the heart of its combat. That game is now coming to the PlayStation 4, with a Japanese release set for December 10th in Japan.

Update: Gravity Rush Remastered is out on February 10th 2016 in the EU, with no date set for the US release.


However, this is just the prelude to a full sequel for 2016. Originally announced at TGS a few years ago, Gravity Rush 2 has been transformed into a full PS4 game, with the alien-looking floating world of the game stretching off into the distance and with a lot more life flooding the streets.

It’s a shame that the PS Vita has got the cold shoulder here, but Gravity Rush 2’s scale and scope look to make full use of the PS4 in quite an impressive fashion.



  1. Really pleased to see the streets and areas more densely populated. One of my only criticisms of the original Vita version was that they created this amazing World, yet there was barely anything in it – the game could have benefited from some exploration and RPG elements within the streets, possibly side missions from folk.

    The original doesn’t look up to much on PS4 if I’m honest, but the sequel I can certainly get excited for. The original has probably just been quickly ported to PS4 so that people will play it (I call PS+), and ready themselves for the sequel which will only come to PS4. Poor, poor Vita.

    • both of these will still flop just like Tearaway unfolded has. why do Sony think we want Vita hand me downs. for a company that is printing money with PS4 they really are clueless.

      • As long as the PS4 keeps selling so well they’ll keep making cheap ports. #4theshareholders

      • I can’t seen Gravity Rush 2 flopping, it’s not a “hand me down” or Remaster, it’s a full PS4 game and built accordingly. I personally think the first game will sell too on PS4, as it might be priced low(ish) and it was one of a few exclusive Vita games and seeing as not enough people bought Vita’s, it still has a large audience to reach. Presumably they’ve allocate just a small team to port it?!

        I do agree with your argument somewhat though, for a successful gen console (on par with PS2 I think?!), we are getting a hell of a lot of indie and re-releases, and streaming for old games which do not live up to the nostalgia in my opinion. New current-gen games please Sony! :)

    • I didn’t care for the Vita game but i’ve read a few articles leading up to TGS where people listed what they were hoping to see from Sony and Gravity Rush for PS4 seems to have been a popular choice.

      • Yeah, it’s good that they’re listening tbf, and I suspect it hasn’t taken huge resources to port it. And I understand people wanting it as it was a Vita exclusive and not many people bought the Vita!

  2. I like the apple reference in the first video, though it’s not really in tune with the style of the clip.

  3. I’m actually glad it’s coming over to PS4 rather than the vita, as much as I love my PS Vita, I did not enjoy the game on it due to awkward controls & small screen. The vita is now for remote play so it’s not really missing out on Gravity Rush 2

  4. Nice to have an official announcement, hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for it over here…

  5. So one of the only games worth looking forward to on the PS Vita is no more? If the Vita wasn’t dead before, it is buried now. Next they will put Golden Abyss and Killzone Mercenary on PS4.

    • less reasons to own a Vita the better i say.

      • Totally disagree. The Vita is probably the best handheld console there has been in terms of technicality and its 1st year was immense. Plenty of games, features it was great. But since last year, games and development has dried up.

        As Youles said-poor poor Vita :(

      • Strange perspective to have, it’s certainly not a bad machine. The memory cards certainly aren’t great. mind but hardly a reason to wish its demise.

  6. Excellent, loved the original.

  7. It looks absolutely stunning, and providing there’s content to match, I’d certainly want to play it.

    But Sony, you have to the admit the truth, you have just about managed to canabilise the games library of every other platform. Heard of new games much? Did you know you manufacture a strange device called a Vita?

  8. Looks great, bring it on, original was a lot of fun.
    Shame it’s not on the Vita but plenty of Indies and Japanese RPGs to keep me going on that.

  9. Sad but inevitable that Vita is out in the wilderness on this one. I guess the financials just don’t add up. On the flip side I will totally have this for my PS4 and likely do that remote play thing… So not all bad.

    Considering the popularity of Vita in Japan are Sony not investing anything in the platform?

  10. I loved Gravity Rush! I’ll buy both the remaster and the sequel no questions asked. Such a beautiful world. I’m surprised by how little Kat’s design has changed for the sequel, but it’s already a good look.

    I hope they’ll both be 60FPS now that it’s on PS4, it would really help the game look and feel a lot nicer.

    Man, after a weak 2015, 2016 is the year of PS4!

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