Gravity Rush 2’s Online Features To Be Turned Off January 19th

Gravity Rush 2 is one of my favourite releases of this year and follows on well from the original game. However it appears sales wise it didn’t fly as high as Kat does and as a result Sony will be switching off the online features of Gravity Rush 2 on January 19th 2018, a year after the game was released. The online portion of the game allows players to issue challenges, send and receive treasure hunts and photo ghosts, and receive Dusty Tokens.

While these don’t have  a major impact on the single player portion of Gravity Rush 2 they can be a fun distraction at times. Sony has announced though that a new event will take place from today until shut down, and that event is the Dusty Token Acquisition Increase Event. As the name implies Dusty Tokens will be more easily obtainable allowing unlocks of talismans and costumes.

Source: Gematsu

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  1. Gutted! I enjoyed the first one and thankful for PS Plus for the freebie!
    I wonder what are the chances of Gravity 2 being a PS Plus line up in few months?

    • What freebie? The first Gravity Rush hasn’t been a PSPlus game.

      • I have it on the vita and am certain I didn’t pay for it. Must have been plussed at some point

      • Ah, I was thinking about PS4. You are right about the Vita version.

  2. Not long bought this. How annoying – that’s almost exactly a year from release and exactly why I desperately try to avoid online only games. Frustrating.

    • But it’s not an online only game?

  3. Ouch, that’s quick. I played the first on my Vita for free with Plus, but it wasn’t really my game.

    This definitely shows the downside of online-only games, which will all be broken at some point, while you still can happily play 30 year old games otherwise.

    • I have this sealed in my draw, didn’t realise there was an online component! I’m guessing you guys are referring to other online only games, but is the GR2 story entirely playable without the servers or should I get on it like a scotch bonnet?

      • I can’t really say anything about GR2 specifically, as I’ve not played it. But this made me aware too that some games in my backlog may not be playable anymore when I finally get around starting them up…

  4. Normally, I would be bitter about the fact that a game with online stuff is having it’s online portion disabled after a year but seeing as it’s not really notable(imo), it shouldn’t affect the game that much. It would be nice if they did one final patch and included all of the stuff.

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