You Are Not As Good At MotorStorm RC As This Guy

Remember our MotorStorm RC competition?  The one where it was dominated by one guy, Death_In_Flamez?

Wondering how he did it?


The actual lap’s at 2 minutes and 24 seconds in.

Yeah, he’s pretty good.  Read more about him here in our interview from last year.



  1. Yep done most if not all of those mistakes at some point!

    • But still can’t see where I’m missing the speed… Flamez is upto number 3 just before me which kills me each time. I have to go round him and Flamez is up his inside! Grrrr!

      • All about your line through turn 3, and your turn in point into turn 4, which, if you’re fast enough, will see you sneak up the inside of that car.

      • Actually, I found the speed from turn one, the right line will hook you around and make you arrive with plenty of time to squeeze past 3 on the inside

  2. Dude’s got skillz :O

  3. @1:13 “Nyahhh!”

    @1:17 “Oh for- nyahhh!”

    Hehe! Great driving Captain, very impressive stuff :).

    • How can you leave out “… Uno… BOLLOCKS!” :)

  4. Hahaha. Your voice and state of mind is very similar to last night’s DiRT3 meet! TURN, THIS CAR IS SHIT! TUUUURN. Good times :P – at least you won this time though :)

    • hahaha yeahh just like that!
      and well done captain for winning this and having the top spot on the leaderboard for this particular track! =D

  5. Funny stuff! If I ever made a video like this it would probably get banned from the Internet!

  6. But that last lap was only 32.8 seconds, how did you do 31.8!

    • And to add, I did almost everything in that video, just the random positioning of cars 6, 7 and 10 ruined almost every lap for me. And when it looked like I was going to beat you I smacked into the back of car 9 like a loon.

      Well played though :)

      • Go to the thread in the forums buddy. More information there :) and cheers again to everyone :)

  7. Great sounds effects!
    Can be frustrating at times.

  8. Wow impressive stuff. Surprised you refrained from more swearing though.

  9. I hate when you have a really good time going and then get caught on the back of another bastard car >:(

  10. This is the funniest thing I have seen all day, loved the commentary ;) well done!

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