New Jet Set Radio Trailer Released

I’ll keep this brief, as my dinner is just about ready (mince and onion pie, if you’re asking). SEGA has just released a new trailer for the remake of Dreamcast classic, Jet Set Radio.

Expect the game to hit Xbox LIVE and PSN some time this summer.

Source: SEGA



  1. I’m still hoping for a proper Dreamcast Collection.. mainly with SA2 and the Shenmue games which I really want to play.

    So far.. this is a start

    • Powerstone is all I want :-(

  2. Awesome, but it still doesn’t up for the last 11 years SEGA.

  3. Rollerblading isn’t any less gay now, than it was 11 years ago, lol!

  4. Can’t wait. Just wish this was coming to Vita. That would’ve been amazing.

    • If it’s coming to PSN maybe it is playable on a Vita? Fingers crossed

  5. Cant wait for this, I might finally send my Dreamcast and its ridiculously large controllers into the attic.

  6. shiny and as fresh as the day it was first released…
    joy of joys all we need now is parpa the rapper.

  7. *parapa* doh!

  8. I’ve been wanting this for a long time.

  9. huh!

  10. Woohu! Looking forward to this title on PSN :)
    Had a LOT fun playing this on an DC emulator on my PC (frame rate dropdowns ><!) and can't wait to play this on an real console.

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