MotorStorm RC Free For US Vita Owners

The US PlayStation Blog has just confirmed what we’ve been thinking about ever since Evolution mentioned Toyota: it’ll be FREE for US PS Vita owners.

Well, technically, it’ll be sponsored by Scion, but – yeah – it’s free.


“For a limited time,” says the blog, “the complete Vita MotorStorm RC game is available for download absolutely free – no additional purchases necessary! Not only that, but you’ll be able to drive a custom RC version of Scion’s iQ which is exclusive to the PS Vita version of the game.”

The game is released in the US tomorrow. It scored 9/10 in our review.



  1. Thankfully as MotorStorm RC is superb and very cheap anyway I’m not going to complain (too much) about this…

    • Me neither, I’m sure we’ll get a similar deal for another game further down the line.

      • I doubt it. The same sponsoring deal has been done with Ragdoll Kung Fu, but we never saw that in the EU.

      • At least we could use Rag Doll Kung Fu on our EU accounts.

    • Less than five quid for a great game you can play on Vita and 3D on PS3 is a bargain.

  2. Presumably that comes with the PS3 version as well. That’s brilliant. Shame it’s only US, but anyone in the US who doesn’t have it, get it – it’s awesome.

    • It states Vita owners only, so not sure on that one.

    • PS3 version is down as costing just over $7 (with the Plus discount).

  3. Move along now, nothing to see here [cough, cough]

    But seriously, this is nothing new. SCEA are more on the ball when it comes to sponsorship. They have done it loads in the past. Moutain Dew videos only on the US Store. The Uncharted graphic animated comic series thingy had a tie-in with the Toyota 4Runner.

    This is funded as part of a campaign by a Toyota created company, that is solely available in the US as a youth brand. Why people are complaining it isn’t free here is silly, really silly.

    • Oh yeah i’m thankful that the EU comics didn’t have all the Toyota crap :)

  4. could you not download it if you have a US account?

    • You could, but switching accounts on the vita requires a factory reset.

      • i thought you just had to switch memory cards.

      • Yup.
        Plus a settings reset.
        PSN account wifi, icons, etc.
        (Or I assume that’s what it means, I haven’t done it and have no inclination to at this moment.)

  5. Technically the Vita version is already free in EU if you want both the PS3 and Vita version you only have to pay once. The yanks don’t have that deal :)

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