Mass Effect 3 Review Round-up

We’ve been following Mass Effect 3 for just over two years – that’s quite a while to get excited about a game.  Sadly, EA sent us over the PC version of the game to review and despite some last minute ideas and some handy driving, we couldn’t get the game to start – it’s release date locked and we’re having to sit it out.

But the game’s now available in the US (and on the American PSN Store) and lots of other sites have got their reviews out – presumably of the console versions which, despite the embargo, wouldn’t have featured such a bizarre chunk of day-one DRM.


Still, hopefully the PC version rocks when we finally get into it.

So how did it stack up?  Here’s the round-up:

Sounds good, eh?



  1. No.

    • I concur.

    • Not so much the wrong side of the bed as oppose to wrong bed?

  2. Hmmm….
    I’ll save the trouble

    TSA – Tuffcub rated Mass Effect 3 – 6.5/10

  3. Great I can’t wait to get my hands on it, hopefully tomorrow.

  4. But will it blend?

  5. I never trust the “journalist” reviews of AAA games any more.
    All the big name games get 10’s and 9.5’s and gushing praise and rah-rah and they’re inevitably buggy messes or disappointing (refer game Skyrim, CoD, even Uncharted3 and Gears3). It’s because there’s too much vested interest, too much advertising revenue on the line, too many lucrative review packs (look at what Halo games come with!) and so on and so forth.
    So most big sites have too much to lose by not gushing about how it’s the best game evarrr!

    I wait for the reviews of the people I trust, being other gamers (that I know, not just joe-nobody) before making my decision. This entire generation has been blighted by questionable review scores and stupid numbers (reflected by how many people now consider 8 as a “poor” score!)

    • The Guardian review…. how could anyone trust anything from papers scores are ridculous just like 10/10 for Sonic The Hedgehog. ~>.>

    • I’m of the same opinion Scythegpd, I’ve been stung far too many times. A weeks worth of user reviews after release is normally a good indicator. For example Eurogamer mentions flaws in the game, yet still proceeds to give the game 10/10 without really detailing what they are. That to me is not something you should gloss over in a review.

      • Thought I’d reply to myself ;)

        Taken from IGN 9.5 review.

        Mass Effect 3 isn’t the best game ever made. But it’ll certainly be in the conversation for a very long time to come.


      • Most of the time 10/10 does not mean a game is perfect in any way. It can have flaws but they are so minor that a game is still absolutely essential for every gamer out there. The scale goes up to 10. There is no perfect game so you might as well cap the rating system at 9 but then people would still complain that games get perfect scores, even if they are 9/9.
        That’s why TSA has a dedicated explanation for their rating system.

      • I don’t see the relevance to your quote from IGN.
        It’s not the best game ever made and get’s a 9.5. That seems perfectly fine to me. Their rating system goes up to 10 so the “best game ever made” could still get rated higher. I think your a little nit-picky about review scores, to be honest.

      • Always makes me smile when we get called untrustworthy, yet user reviews are fine. The game has been on sale for a couple of hours yet has 61 negative reviews on Metacritic. 0 out of 10 because the game has day one DLC. 0 out of 10 because the reviewer doesnt like the animation. Then on the other scale is someone rating it a 10 as others have rated it a 0. Wonderful.

      • Reviews are untrustworthy due to the vested interests involved. Many sites have too much to lose by posting a poor review of a big game. Even worse, many sites use reviews as opinion pieces, reviews are supposed to be an objective view of a game vs its peers, there’s far to many instances where they are not objective. Add to that the lack of review guidelines creating massive double standards meaning some games get criticised and marked down for the same thing others are praised for (a common one being game A is docked points for being the same as its predecessor whilst game B is rewarded because its “more of what we know and love”)

        I’d also like to note I didn’t say random metacritic user reviews. I said, and I quote “being other gamers (that I know, not just joe-nobody)”. So your metacritic example doesn’t really hold any relevance as I specifically excluded user reviews from randoms and specified thay I only trust reviews from gamers I know, people like me who just want to play good games and have no further vested interests.

      • I was talking to Huddy, hence my reply appearing under his comment.

      • Ah right, apologies. I lose track of the indent/sub-indent and assumed you were referring to me.

        In that case I agree, metacritic user reviews are just as unreliable as there is nothing to prevent the (sadly all too common) people who are either “Game X is on the console I do/don’t like thus is a 10/0” or “Game Y is popular thus is a 10/0”.

    • I agree 100% what Scythe said. ME2= Boring, Lacking RPG elements etc. ME3= I enjoyed, Better customizations, more guns, hitmarker, hitmarker sound “Pfft” when you hit enemy it makes more addictive. I wish those underappreciated/underrated titles get more attention… these days big names, big games with epic commercials always win *Sigh*. I’m not trolling… ;]

      • This was written in a very Mordin-like way

      • Ha! Now you mention it, I totally agree – that reads like Mordin. Brilliant.

      • I’m not Mordin Solus *sniff* :(

  6. Still not sure about which version of the game I should get. It hasn’t been announced for Steam yet and I have all my ME1 and ME2 saves on the PC but I’m not going to use Origin. This leaves me with the PS3 version where I’d be unable to import my old savegames… Damnit!

    • I understand your dilema Kerash, Origin as it is now is a horrible pile of cow-shed confetti.

      Yet at the same time, the main selling point of this series for me is that decisions I made 5 years ago in ME1 will have a real and tangible effect on the galaxy I will be inhabiting come Friday. This is a mechanic that I hope other developers will be paying attention to when planning their own multi title epics.

      Good luck! :P

    • After playing the demo on both the PC and PS3 I settled on the PC Version. Origin may be a steaming pile, but it is better to play it as it is meant to be played than constantly complaining about the framerate on the PS3 version.

  7. I think ME is overrated am sorry, my friend has any xbox during the time it was an exclusive, he hyped and puffed about the game saying how great it was, then it came to ps3 due to how exciting hhe made it sound I bought it first day release, played it, this was during my new found love of rpg games but I was disappointed with the rpg side of the game. I enjoyed it but it looks like any game to me with a well written good story like uncharted..

    • I would say you’d need to play me1 to understand what kind of threat the reapers truely are, as this is what the story is really about. The rpg elements are much better in me1 aswell (which make a comeback in me3)

  8. I’m glad ME3 has not turned out to be another DA2. My faith in Bioware is now restored. What’s the point of sending a review copy if they have locked it untill release? It’s like they don’t want TSA to review it.

    IGN has uploaded the ending to ME3. :( Meaning there will be utter selfish people who will spoil it for everyone by posting the spoilers on every site. >:(

    • Like this: Shepard was created by the Reapers to gather all races together so they could be destroyed in one fell swoop?

      • That would make for a nice story twist but for the real ending I expect to find out what happens to the universe/Shepard’s team/the Reapers/the Protheans/Citadel.

      • I know lol. I should have worked at Bioware, I would actually have that as the twist. Obviously I would add some depth to it to make it believable. Theres just so much emphasis on Shepard being the hero to unite the galaxy, plus he has no history or even remember his parents. He was a child of the streets, that could easily have been used as a twist lol.

    • Actually steven, to be honest, the endings were being talked to death about a week ago on the bioware social network.

      • I’m not surprised that BSN has talked about to death as i think some Bioware devs tend to get involved. I just hope that Me3 won’t get spoiled for me.

  9. There’s a lot of Mass Effect haters on this site lol.

    • Not all of us are, I’m a massive fan: can’t wait until I get my copy!

      • Good man, it looks amazing. Why do people hate on games that get a great score? They’re not happy when a game receives critical acclaim and not happy when a game gets slated. No pleasing some people.

      • Easy answer, 5’s all round. Looking forward to Mass Effect 3, so you’re not alone!

  10. I’m currently playing through ME2 for the first time. I’ve not played ME1 so am slightly behind on the story and I felt the comic, in the Ps3 version, didn’t go into much depth. However after a slow start I’m starting to enjoy it. The combat feels a bit lacklustre though and slow, when compared to other TPS. Will not be reading any ME3 reviews though in case it gives away the ME2 ending for now,

    • I’m in the same boat. Ordered Mass effect 2 last night, so will probably get around to playing the third in 18 months or so!

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