Podcast: Episode 54 – Journey, Assassin’s Creed III and GAME

Yes, I know the podcast is a day late. There were no technical issues this time round, I simply forgot to actually write the post. For that I can only apologise. I also need to apologise for the lack of the big Irishman on this week’s podcast, unfortunately Peter is ill and wasn’t able to make it to the recording.

Fortunately Dan Lee bravely decided to step into his shoes this week, even coming with knowledge of highly anticipated PSN title Journey. As you can imagine Lewis got a bit over excited about this.

Dan also brought us a nice dollop of news at the start of the podcast, what with being the News Editor and all. We took a look at the issues surrounding the troubled retail group GAME, and shared our thoughts on the continued rumours surrounding the next Microsoft console. We also voiced our opinions on Assassin’s Creed III, although we didn’t have quite as much information about it when we recorded as we do now.

Aside from the news, Lewis and Dan discussed the Mass Effect 3 demo, before Dan switched partners so he and Kev could talk about the gaming they’ve been getting out of their Vitas and just how much they love their portables. Lewis discussed the film Warrior, which we then decided we’d probably talked about before, whilst Kev and I had a bit of a natter about the end of the first Justice League story arc since DC’s relaunch, as well as looking at the Flash comics.

If that wasn’t enough for you Lewis put together one of his infamous quizes, challenging our brains with anagrams this week. Obviously I was the best and took all the points (or at least I did in my head). Finally we finished off by answering your questions, as we do every week.

Just as a brief note their might be a few audio problems this week, as Dan apparently records from inside his private jet (or at least that’s what it sounded like). I’ve cleaned it up as much as possible, but hopefully you can forgive me if it sounds a bit off in a few places.

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  1. *docks 26 and half biscuits from Kris*

    Will listen to it when i get back from work(vol). :) I doubt Dan’s jet is louder then Origami Killer’s irasin. ;)

  2. Kris/Lewis. Go play mass effect. And Kev go try the multiplayer part of the mass effect 3 demo!


    But thinking about the demo, did anyone get the impression that the kid was actually in sheps head, noone else seems to notice him.

  3. Completely agree with Lewis on Warrior, I also prefer it to The Fighter (plus it has Tom Hardy in it so it gets extra points).

    The podcast was great this week, a little crazier than usual with the voices and noises but that only made it funnier.

    I cant believe how many times I hear you mention people pretty well known from the community (this week it was kjkg and Chuggy and Scuba Stevie) and you’ve not heard of them before, shame on you! :P. I challenge you to learn every TSA members username and their TSA points count at that time!

    You should definitely read Steven’s unedited community round-ups, they really are insane. They make his questions thread look normal!

    I guess I should think more about Eurogamer Expo this time around. Last year I had a press pass but didnt go in the end and this year I wont have a press pass but I probably have more chance of going. The only thing is that I have little to no interest in the actual event!

    • I can’t remember names of people I meet, let alone people on the Internets. I’ve met someone 10 times and I’m not sure if his name is Erin, Aaron or Aaron but pronounced Erin.

      • I am pretty sure I was talking to you on twitter mere minutes before you started your podcast. You, sir, have a memory which is literally a sieve.

      • Yeah, I’m awful. Seriously.

      • I’ll forgive you. Oh and I suck at anagrams but I did get God Of War.

  4. might listen to this, I’ve heard it’s good when I’m not on ;)

  5. To add to the problems Game is having. Now they are not stocking Asuras Wrath and Street Fighter X Tekken on the original release date.

    Gott an E-mail about my preorder being cancelled earlier today.

  6. So, we’re all agreed Kev’s calculator app needs a “boobies” function then? That’s the first patch sorted.

    • Not a patch! Expansion pack!

      • A boobie expansion? I’d make that in-app purchase!

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