Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning Story DLC Releasing in May

Famitsu is reporting that Final Fantasy XIII-2 story DLC based around Lightning will be released in May. Apparently the combat will be different from the main game, and the DLC will expand on Lightning’s battle against Caius.

I absolutely love Final Fantasy XIII-2, so a chance to dive back in is most welcome.

Source: Siliconera



  1. Trophies? No trophies? The ever important one.

    • It’s supposed to be rather big, so I’d assume so. Either way I don’t really mind as long as the DLC is good. I’d prefer it to have them though.

  2. Quite a lot of DLC already….sounds like there could be an “Ultimate” edition down the line.

  3. is this the dlc that lets you play as the character on the cover of the game box and star of almost all the prerelease trailers?

    the cover star of the game, is now considered a valid part of the game to be sold separately as dlc?

    how long till they just sell us a blank disc for 60 quid and call it a totally customizable game experience?

    • I know what you mean. They almost used lightning to lure the FFXIII players. If it’s priced ok, I won’t mind too much though. At least it’s not on the disc *looks at Capcom*. Although I guess it doesn’t make much difference.

      • i dread to think what it’d be like if it was made by capcom.

        they’d probably sell you the attack option for the combat menu, the flee option comes free.

        and ea would just let you buy your way to level 99.

      • Woah, woah, woah! Lightning isn’t playable in XIII-2?! I haven’t played it yet, but this makes it much lower on my “to pick up later” list now.

      • Lightning is playable during the huge intro scene but after that you only meet her at certain points during the story or you could get the Lightning DLC content and get her monster crystal to add her to your party.

        Also: Have you been living under a rock for the last half year? :P

    • *Minor XIII spoilers*

      Yeah that was a major cockup they made when penning the story for XIII-2. Apparently originally the story was supposed to based around Lightning getting Vanille & Fang out of the crystal. I thought XIII-2 was great, but just imagine that instead, would seem inifintely better.

      I’m really looking forward to this, as it is supposed to be quite lengthy and wrap up everything from XIII-2’s ‘to be continued’ screen. So there should be plenty of content.

    • That’s a rather superficial deduction. Judging a game by it’s cover? Final Fantasy games used to only show the logo of the game on the cover. Did gamers expect to not play as any character at all?
      Borderlands shows an enemy on the cover. I didn’t hear anyone complain about not being able to play as the enemy…

      • I agree, but Square did use Lightning in a lot of the early trailers. So that was a little misleading at times :(

      • I don’t feel sorry for people who don’t make an informed purchase. If I buy a game with certain expectations without knowing what I will buy into and I’m disappointed when I find out what the game play like it’s my own fault.

      • Indeed the FF boxart has always been about a key plotpoint (ff7 a giant meteor for example), but personally there was enough information out there to know she wasnt the main character.

      • Jesus, KeRasH, that’s a fairly harsh assessment. I feel a bit sorry for people who impulse buy the game, believing they’ll be able to continue as the character from the first game due to seeing any trailers/the cover of the game.
        Christ, not everyone keeps up with gaming news and stuff, you know?

      • But surely if your impulse buying your not that invested in the characters to care.

      • I’m sorry but I don’t have to feel bad for everyone out there. There are enough idiots in this world who make uneducated purchase descissions and then go on and complain to the developers or on forums about how the game is crap because it’s not what they expected. I expect people to use common sense when making a purchase. If someone buys a DVD judging by the cover they will be disappointed fairly often.
        You don’t have to follow gaming news to find out stuff like that. Usually you only have to turn the box around and read the text and look at some pictures to find out what the game is about. It’s not rocket science we’re talking about.

      • Meh, fair enough. Just think you’re being a bit hard on people.

      • I get where you’re coming from but I’d rather have people purchase a game once and then realizing it wasn’t what they expected to teach them that they should make educated descissions the next time they go around buying things.

        We probably wouldn’t have cool box arts at all if we had to take people into account who need the whole game laid out on the cover to understand what they are actually buying. :P

      • look at all the marketing of the game before launch, it was all centred around Lightning.

        to me it’s reminiscent of mgs 2.

      • I have to say, I was under the impression that Lightning was central to the game …

        I have little intention of buying it but it is a little misleading.

    • You have to have played the game and the previous game to understand why she is on the cover but not the main protanganist. Hell the main Antagonist is on the cover also but don’t see you complaining about not playing as him.

  4. I’m glad that they are not waiting too long to get the DLC out. I still haven’t tried the Sazh based DLC and that has to wait until I’ve finished Amalur, which will probably take another while as I’m thoroughly enjoying it and doing every side quest if find. Damn OCD…

    • I wouldn’t get the Sazh DLC if you have yet to buy it. It’s more or less just a couple of card games and nothing more.

      • But you find out who chocolina is!!! Worth it for that!

      • I was wondering if there is any story or combat involved in the game at all. If you find out about chocolina I’ll probably still buy it. It’s not that expensive so I don’t mind. I just wanted to find out about the content before I jump into anything and end up disappointed. See my point in the discussion above. :)

      • Its 2 card games (poker and a sort of hearts) and a find the chocobo chicks mini game with abit of story. Oh and u get a Sazh crystal at the end. Thats about it tho

      • Oh and sazh synergist monster.

      • *is a synergist monster. Curse my eagerness to reply.

      • I’m lacking a good Synergist in my Party but I doubt I’ll ever need one again…

  5. And i bet it’s been ripped out of the game to sell back to us. I still believe FF doesn’t need DLC. Sazh and Lighting stories should have been in the game from the start. At least CP points are not getting sold as well as every weapon like a certain publisher does. ;)

  6. yay, cant wait

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