Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fashion Photography

I think that the costume design in Final Fantasy universe is weird enough at the moment, without needing to make it weirder.

Well thanks to Arena Homme +, a biannual men’s fashion magazine, we’ll get to see some of the stars of Final Fantasy XIII-2 in something a little more befitting their celebrity status.


The fashion guide has collaborated with Prada and Square Enix to dress the characters from Final Fantasy’s Fabula Nova Crystallis universe in some high fashion duds and snap their pictures.

It’s a bit of fun, isn’t it?

Source: Famitsu



  1. Never rated Prada.

  2. only in japan..

  3. they all going for a round of golf?
    well all except Sazh, he actually looks good.

    and Lightning looks like she’ll be going line dancing afterwards.
    all that’s needed to complete the ensemble is a stetson.

  4. The uncanny valley is strong in this one

  5. That’s pretty cool haha, they all got something going for them.
    Lightning really should’ve picked a different shirt though, I must say.

    • As I said, never rated Prada, way to mumsy.

      • I agree actually, of course, actually I find the whole hype around brand clothing to be more of a hilarity than anything else.
        I still love Lightning though, even when dressed up in that rubbish.

  6. That reminds me, I really gotta pick FFXIII-2 up some day. Lightning looking snazzy and appropriately dressed as usual (fufufu i joke, i joke)

  7. Dear god these outfits are horrible, why couldn’t they have putting Lightning in a dress at least.

  8. I think I buried my grandparents in clothes like that.

  9. Cool idea…

  10. Interesting. Nice way to promote your game, very unique.

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