Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Trailer Looks Pretty

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is getting some DLC. We know this, of course. But we haven’t seen the trailer yet, have we? Well, now we can watch it, thanks to the wonders of YouTube and the keen eye of Andriasang (who’s video has now been removed). Sure, it’s in Japanese but nobody ever really understands what’s going on in a Final Fantasy game anyway.


Shiny, isn’t it?

Source: YouTube after Andriasang found a similar video.



  1. This game is still in it’s cellophane! One day I will play it ;)

    • that must be why it’s so shiny.

  2. So Lightning gets defeated and then she’s all right and stairs appear. Yes, as comprehensible as usual! Oh, and is Lightning turning into some kind of bird, with her feathers – are they part of her outfit or her body?

    If the FF series is going down this route then I’d like to see Serah as a sexy tiger…

    • It’s part of her outfit, also Serah looks good with a beachwear though :]

  3. Looks interesting. But I’m sure that Lighting can take more punishment as i doubt that blocking a sword would cause her to become knocked out.

    I’m going to wait untill i’ve actually completed FF13 and get the complete version of part 2. :)

  4. So, more prologue content… I was hoping for epilogue stuff… Will probably end up buying it anyways. It sucks being a fanboy. ^^

  5. so what? it’s like one boss fight?

    also, that sword that bloke’s wielding, looks almost as ludicrous as Cloud’s buster sword.

  6. I’ll buy it, hopefully now that Square Enix are back in profit they might look to complete this story and move on to the next game.

    Even FF Versus 13 would be nice but I know that’s asking a lot.

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