GAME Having Massive Pre-Owned Sale

GAME, and by extension, GameStation appear to be shifting lots of their pre-owned stock, with the likes of Hot UK Deals picking up the majority of the details.

For example, this post, which lists a massive amount of super-cheap games.  Yes, some are quite old, but they’re also going for pennies, literally. Killzone 2 is available online for 48p…


Couple of examples – Resistance for 98p, Bulletstorm for £2.98, FIFA 11 (yes, last year’s) for less than a quid.  They’re all selling out pretty quickly but we’re tempted to think this might go on for a while.

Xbox 360

  • Stranglehold 98p
  • Top Spin 3 £1.98
  • Guitar Hero 3 £1.98
  • Too Human £1.98
  • Gears of War 2 £1.98
  • Forza 3 £1.98
  • Halo 3 (classics) £1.98
  • Alone in the Dark £1.98
  • Kane and Lynch 2 £1.98
  • Bulletstorm £2.98
  • Brink £2.98


  • Resistance: Fall of Man 98p
  • Fifa 11 98p
  • Fight Night 3 £1.98p
  • Fallout 3 £1.98
  • Tom Clancy’s HAWX £1.98
  • F1 Championship Edition £1.98p
  • Resistance 2 £2.98

Well worth a look.  We’re also hearing that a similar clearance sale will be happening in retail stores soon, even if it’s just per branch.

Update: apparently most of the games above are already out of stock on the websites.



  1. My prediciton: Game will be no more within months.

    • *prediction – of course.

    • I bought a PS3 in my local store yesterday and was advised by the manager to quickly use up my in-store credit that I have on my GAME card…

      • I think I currently have about £12 on my GAME card. I guess I could buy half the store with that right now.

      • Erm, no – You might get a quarter of a game…

        Of course if you could redeem reeward points online, it would be a differetn matter.

      • Good lord! Please excuse my spelling. It’s been a long week (already!!).


      • You can redeem loyalty points online… at least on gamestation you can.
        Just your trade cards that you cant

      • Yeah, Gamestations reward system works slightly differently if i recall though. Pretty sure last time i checked i could earn rerward card points online from Game, but not redeem them.

      • I’ve used all of my credit in GAME in anticipation…

      • You can redeem you reward card points online. It asks you on the delivery address page when ordering, as far as I recall. Though it has been awhile since I ordered from them so it could have changed, doubt it really.

      • Used my credit on Network vouchers – as good as cash.

      • You can redeem your loyal points on GAME’s website. Been able to do it for as long as I can remember. The only thing that has changed is that you can now use any amount. It doesn’t have to be in £2.50 increments anymore.

      • I guess i’ll cut up my card and feed it to the ducks then!

    • GAME DON’T FALL……… (T_T)

      In matter of fact do and out of the ashes be reborn (well… the stores not the company) to be likeable to gamers and eh developers.

      • At this stage I’d say under 2 weeks.

      • This reminds me that I have an old gift voucher I should use sooner rather than later.

  2. Hmmm!! Makes me wonder whether I should hold onto my vouchers until the inevitable – closing down sale happens in my local shop and take advantage of some good deals. I’ve never felt so capitalist as I do right now…but dammit I want as much for £20 voucher as possible

    • If they call in the administrators they most likely won’t get a closing down sale, they’ll just shut. Swings and roundabouts I guess!

      • Yeah & lets be honest, they haven’t exactly been quick off the mark to this point have they?

    • I used up my gift voucher/points the other day.
      No good if they go bust.

    • Ok, I’m gettin my ass up there lunchtime tomorrow and spending these babies, what to get though…can only think SSX

      • Yeah, only others i can think if are Darkness 2 & Syndicate maybe. Although the latter is probably only worth it if you have people to co-op with.

    • If they go into administration I believe in some cases they have the right to decline gift vouchers (if the stores are split into separate entities). I’m not massively clued up on law though.

    • If it goes to the administrators they won’t honour credit of any form.

      Banks may force a sale of GAME Gp before then though, because if it goes to admin they’d get even less of their money back.

      I’d use them if I were you.

      • I’m even gonna try & reclaim my reward points if i can! XD

      • You can use them. I have just used mine on the website.

  3. mite aswel get fifa 11, and learn how to play

    • You didn’t like Fifa 12?

      • never played fifa in my life, am all about pro evo but man as the years went by, I grew to hate it

      • I see, Fifas online modes and virtual pro is brilliant only reason I play it most of the time.

  4. Bought Medal of Honor Tier 1 edition for £3.

    Wish I’d been able to nab F1 Championship Edition before that went out of stock too.

    Seems they’re cashing in on old stock, which makes a lot of sense. It’s just sat there losing value for them, so get rid of it now, and maybe pull back some cash.

    • Likewise. Plus Mercs 2 and Bulletstorm. All for a wopping £2.

      • Great value for Mercs, but absolutely amazing value for Bulletstorm.

    • @tef – Doesn’t MoH require an online pass?

      • Yes, but you can still play the tier 1 challenges without. Online pass only for multiplayer.

      • I’m assuming that there are online trophies though? Or am i being a bit daft?

      • There are, and you don’t need the pass to play online, it just entitles you to extra stuff, none of which is needed for any of the trophies. :)

      • @aerobes – Thank you for clarifying. The game didn’t seem quite so cheap if you had to spend an additional £5-£8 on an online pass!

        Oh & thank you to those who mentioned that you could now redeem your points online (i’m sure you couldn’t last time i checked). Medal of Honour Tier 1 edition ordered for the princely sum of £0.00. :)

    • You can pick up the F1 CE game from Amazon in their used and new sales for a couple of quid…£3.50 cheapest including delivery.

  5. Was hoping to have a look instore as GAME tomorrow. Hopefully prices may be a bit lower all round for everything though :)

  6. Is this everything that’s in the sale? Just seems to not be a very massive sale to me!

    • They’ll probably be running selected titles until the inevitable shut down. :S

  7. Sorted. Gonna pop in tomorrow….

  8. i really cant remember the last time i used game. its noting against them i just think that they havnt really changed the way they do business at all?? for as long as i can remember they never really changed there shops at all its always been the same nothing new apart from games. i suggest people start using shopto they are really good with costumers and know how to deal with there deals and business as and game shop.

    • Doesn’t really help those that do not or can not shop online though does it?

      Also, as good as shopto are (& they are!), they simply cannot cater for the ‘walk in impulse purchase’.

      Also, what exactly did you expect ‘Game’ to sell apart from Games (& consoles)?

      • im not saying they were bad. im saying that for the only retail specailist out there for games and games only you would think they would of been making money not losing money.

        also i meant not change what they sell i meant just update they way they look and the way they display there stuff instore

      • Fact is, they should have been making money on the niche that was right in front of them. They should have been more about the one to one service & ensuring that each customer left happy (service that you simply cannot get online) & much less about flogging pre-owned over new & annoying the developers & publishers.

        Don’t know how much they needed to change instore to be honest, as it’s never really bothered me – It kinda looks the way i expect it to look. What they had was practical & served the purpose (whilst they actually had stock on the shelves of course!).

        What i was ultimately getting at though is whilst shopto are good (& they are), they can’t really replace the high street presence of Game.

  9. yep i agree with you on that one. i did hear that game stop was going to buy them out or something like thats.

    also think there business plan was a mess as well i once went to a shopping center that had 2 game shops in it and 1 gamestation in it. and they were not even 5 mins walk apart from each other.

    anyway who ever decides that nows a good time to open a game shop(which i doubt there will be) and did it the right way could make a killing if done right.

  10. I hope that the Game stores aren’t going to disapear…
    Here in France it’s my shop of choice, it’s the best place to make pre-orders of big games, like COD or Uncharted…
    The competitor of Game it’s MegaMania in wich even the Pre-Owned games cost almost the same as new! :@

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