GDC 2012: SimCity Announced By EA

EA and Maxis have just announced a new instalment in the SimCity franchise at their GDC GameChangers event. Dubbed simply ‘SimCity’ – with no subtitle – the game is set to release next year and has been confirmed for PC; it will be the first SimCity game developed by Maxis in nine years.

They’ve also released an announcement trailer, showing off some lovely graphics with great tilt shift effects to help make the cities look like miniature worlds. Expect lots of new gameplay mechanics too, with options to theme different cities and even multiplayer – with your city being part of a larger world; your choices will affect not only your own city, but the cities around you, with what’s described as a ‘rippling effect’.


SimCity looks to be a solid entry into the series and a great game for fans of simulation. Have a look at the trailer below – do you think this semi-reboot could restore the franchise to its glory days?



  1. It looked really cool until the last 20 seconds when the text appeared on screen “Images not representative of actual gameplay”.

    • Yep, good idea of what they’re going for, though. I hope.

  2. What are the chances of a PS3 SimCity do you reckon? Would love to play it again!

    • and after giving it some thought:

      origin exclusive
      day one dlc


  3. SNES version was best.

  4. Awesome! Will keep my eye on this, just hope it’ll actually be a full, proper game, not end up either a facebook style freemium game or one where you pay an insane amount for all the DLC released.

    • S’alright – The initial payment gets you the wireframe model buildings. All colours, vehicles, people, pets, & pretty much everything else you are going to need will be handled by microtransactions of one meelion dollars a piece.

      Sounds reasonable no? :P

  5. Awesome, I wonder what the actual graphics will look like in game, I’ll look forward to this.

  6. Initially thought “yay!” but then PC exclusive = Origin exclusive. Sadface.

  7. Have missed Maxis. This sounds like something I need to buy

  8. Sounds awesome.
    I really need a new PC.

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