SimCity’s Offline Mode Has Finally Gone Live, Giving You Control

SimCity’s online only existence was quite the source of controversy when it launched and for a while after, from Amazon removing the game from sale for a time, to an ‘insider’ saying offline was always possible, then modders found ways to make the game playable offline though not all features were available. Now, Maxis and EA have finally announced you can play SimCity offline officially, with the update having rolled out yesterday.

If you start a game in offline single player then you won’t have access to the online features such as multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements, SimCity World, the Global Market with dynamic pricing, and cloud saves. Offline regions will also not be able to transferred to the online portion of the game.


Saves will also be local so you can do what you want with them, instead of relying on the servers. Any of the DLC you may have purchased will be accessible in both online and offline modes, so you don’t lose anything that way. Modders will also have more access to change things about from changing simulations to playing around with the UI. Now I just hope we can move on from this and take a lesson that single player servers just aren’t needed.

Source: Maxis



  1. Does that mean I can finally make a city called “Dogsbollocks” without the game telling me it’s not allowed because, someone I’ll never see or speak to might be offended?

    Name selected because I like to imagine the local sports team names. And the commentary that would ensue at major events :)

    Humanity as a whole had better pray I’m never in charge of naming anything important…

  2. Does this now open up the door to the nefarious patched up torrent culture?

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