Journey Released In UK, Is £9.99 (PlayStation Plus)

Quick heads up, thatgamecompany‘s sublime adventure Journey is out now in the UK for PlayStation Plus subscribers, priced at £9.99.

It’s available to download from the PlayStation Store in the Plus section.  Journey will become available for non-PlayStation Plussers next week.


If you need any encouragement, check out our full 10/10 review here, and then our follow up article discussing the merits behind the game here.

Our guide to the game’s trophies is also now available.



  1. Downloading…attempting to avoid temptation of THQ sale and ME2 at £20…

  2. Still not sold on it. Wont be getting it until I see more of it and I see any different opinions on the game.

  3. Will be getting this when I get some money

  4. Well, 13€ for the game and not even a demo to try is not for me. But if the game’s 3h, then I suppose a demo is really out of question :/

    • Didn’t you read Alex’s article? imo length doesn’t matter why does every bloody game need to over 8 or 40 hours if I can keep replaying then great.

      • That’s not what he was saying to be fair (at least i don’t think so!).

        I took it as seeing as the whole game is around 3 hours, you wouldn’t get much of a demo out of it & he wants a demo to confirm that its worth dropping that amount of cash on. Which i actually agree with.

  5. Just had my first playthrough and all I can say is wow! One of the most beautiful and compelling games i’ve played in a long time. If you’re on the fence about this game, my advice is to get it.

  6. Downloading now. Yay!

  7. Sod it, I bought it in the end. A tenner for 2 hours entertainment does seem overpriced to me but everyone has been so positive about it that I couldn’t resist.

  8. Not interested in this game, to be honest.
    Flow was crap, tried Flower at a friend’s house and while it was good, it wasn’t great. Every video of Journey that I’ve seen doesn’t seem to appeal either.
    I’m seeing the Limbo situation here- people get carried away with the arty stylings of ThatGameCompany’s games.

    The actual gameplay isn’t there to back it up, beyond good music and arty graphics.

    (All my opinion of course, please be nice)

  9. certainly not a game for everyone, more a experience than a game, took me 20 mins to figure out what i was suppose to do and where i was suppose to go then i was making some bridges and another traveller turned up to lend a hand and the journey became awesome, shame i have to go to sleep instead of carrying on, looking forward to the rest of the journey tomorrow

  10. Was in two minds about purchasing after seeing the mix of comments but then i thought, its only a tenner… whats the worst that can happen ha! Downloading…

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