Journey Trophy Guide (PS3)

Journey’s an amazing, groundbreaking and utterly brilliant game. I’ve prepared a full synopsis of the game’s story and exposition, which is coming soon to TSA, but in the meantime anyone picking the game up today will no doubt want to read about how they get all those lovely trophies.

Be warned, although the PlayStation Blog posted the original list of trophies without spoiler warnings last week, the text below goes into much more detail about them, the game and the areas.  Don’t read this until you’ve played the game through at least twice, eh?


Final warning: massive spoilers below.

Threshold: Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it.

This one took a little bit of experimentation but it’s essentially quite simple: start a fresh game and make sure you pick up all the glowing glyphs in the first section, head into the second and do the same. With regards to the bridge, only activate the scarves for the second, third and forth bridge sections, ignore the first.

Then, using the cloth near the base of the first bit of bridge, propell yourself upwards and use your scarf to leap up onto the broken bridge. From there it’s just a case of surfing to the end of the area.

Mirage: Find the hidden desert flower.

This is cute, and well worth discovering for yourself – the flower is hidden roughly around the middle of the ‘dunes’ section of this level, in a small depression. It’s not signposted, but shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to find if you’re methodical. Shout near it to claim the trophy.

Explore: Discover all cloth creatures in the desert.

There are five sets of cloth creatures hidden in the ‘dunes’ bit of the third area, so don’t head down towards the structure until you’ve found them all. Once you have, work through the level as normal and the trophy will ping once you unleash the rest of the cloth creatures at the end of the area.

Adventure: Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the sunken city.

This might take some practise, but essentially you just need to experiment with the locations of the gates and ensure you hit enough of them. You can slow down by holding ‘down’ on the analog stick if that makes it easier, but you’ll just have to repeat this level a few times to get the trophy.

Trials: Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf.

This is the are with the big war snake, and you’ll only get the trophy if you make it to the end (including the downhill surf towards the force field) without being attacked. You can’t die here, but if you’re thrown through the air you won’t get the trophy.

Ancestors: Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple.

This is brilliant, a nod to TGC’s Flow. In the area with the huge tower you have to climb, fill up the area as normal but before you reach the end and get the cutscene swim back down – the ancestor is in the middle of the tower in one of the breaks. Shout near it to get the trophy, as with the flower above.

History: Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs.

Well worth seeking out on your own, these glyphs are the boards with the grave markers in front, dotted throughout the levels. Finding them all is part of the fun.

Crossing: Reach the summit with a companion and return to the beginning.

An oddly easy trophy, just ensure you both stick together during the game’s final stages and restart the game.  This should normally happen during the duration of a play-through with a companion anyway, but as it’s sometimes tricky to communicate exactly what you want to say with just a single button, this might take more than one attempt if the other ditches on you.

Rebirth: Finish the game and return to the beginning.

Same as above, although doesn’t require a partner. Might be your first trophy.

Companion: Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning.

As above, this isn’t really taxing apart from the fact that partners are free to come and go as they please.  This one might be easier with a bit of pre-emptive communication with someone you know, perhaps over PSN, explaining what you want to do.  If you do this right you could collect a few trophies in a single run through.

Reflection: Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds

Again, it’s not always easy to explain what you mean to other players, but this is a trophy that’s easily farmed – if that’s your will – with a likeminded buddy.  20 seconds isn’t long, but I can see some people being a bit of tease and standing up after 18 before skipping off happily into the desert sands just to wind you up.

Wonder: Meet 10 or more unique travelers.

You’ll probably get this after three or four journeys, although obviously your experiences may differ.  Generally people try to stick with one partner throughout but that’s not always possible, and the game’s transparency between partners means that sometimes you could swap out with another and not even know until the game tells you as much in the end credits.

Return: Start the journey again after a week long break.

I got this one last night – the joys of getting the code early I suppose.  Just play the game, then don’t touch it for a week before starting it again and the trophy will pop up automatically.

Transcendence: Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys.

There’s a nice reward for doing this so it’s well worth spending the time to pick out where they are – we won’t spoil it but it’ll definitely make you stand out.  The trickiest section might be the downhill surfing area, because you (obviously) can’t go back unless you drop out to the area select and try again.  There’s one where you’ll need to jump to the right and float onto a ledge instead of falling down, too, the one-time glyphs are the most troublesome.

And that’s your lot.

Read our full Journey review here and our follow up article here. Thanks to iWaggle3D for their assistance with some elements of this guide.  The game is out today for PlayStation Plus subscribers, so let us know what you think when you get it…



  1. Would be better with trophy pics, at least generic ones?

  2. Not going to read this yet but if I get stuck with any of the trophies I’ll come back to it.

  3. Question: “This one might be easier with a bit of pre-emptive communication with someone you know, perhaps over PSN, explaining what you want to do. ”

    I thought Journey never told you the username of your companion?

  4. Will use if I get stuck :-)

  5. Good guide.. will use after first clock. Wish i was off work today ha!!

  6. This game is amazing BUT, can you PLEASE elaborate more on the “There’s one where you’ll need to jump to the right and float onto a ledge instead of falling down, too, the one-time glyphs are the most troublesome.” part you wrote? I did everything the first day I downloaded this (Wed.) and there’s one last symbol I’m missing and it’s in the sand surfing lvl and I’ve spent 3 hours searching and can’t find it. Thanks in advance.

    • Sorry, nvm, I found the last one. The one you are referring to can still be acquired by falling down into that area then using cloth to fly back up to it. I’m posting a video tonight or tomorrow for 8 of the 14 trophies bc reading about it is hard to follow at times. But ya, your site still helped me a lot so I thank you.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t checking for comments. Glad you found it, tricky one eh?

        If you post a YouTube drop in the link here. :)

      • This guy’s done a great job with his walkthroughs:

        He has other videos for all of the glyph wall locations and white orbs.

  7. A small tip for the Companion trophy. If you use the chapter select and start at the underground section (with the war snakes) that’s enough to get it…assuming you stick with the same person from there onwards.

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