Console Versions of Battlefield 3 Getting Customisable Servers

I don’t play many FPS games, console or otherwise, but even I know that this announcement will cause a wave of excitement for console Battlefield 3 players.

Karl-Magnus Troedsson, CEO of Battlefield developer DICE, has announced that customisable servers are on the way:


“All active players out there playing on consoles today will now have the opportunity to customize their servers and set them up exactly how they want them to play.

Now this is a feature that in Battlefield on PC we’ve had for some time, but it’s an absolute first on console. So, we’re pretty excited about this.”

No mention of a time frame yet, but we will keep you updated.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Might make getting some of those awkward Ribbons easier! ;)

    • I hope not, because then it won’t be fully customizable. I’d rather it was unranked and fully customizable. Maybe both options are available though!

      • I doubt it will be ranked, as a lot of people would boost.
        Private games/servers would encourage me to participate in more TSA BF3 Meets….still sore that Tony and I got bumped with a rubbish team

      • Indeed, getting a TSA ladder/regular friendly going on a private server would be awesome.

  2. Private games?

  3. So i’m guessing that private matches can now be done in BF3. Adam will be pleased to hear that as he has a few BF comps that he’s been meaning to do but has been unable to do due to a lack of private matches.

    Also, i will pick up BF3 at some point as the lack of a private match had put me off as i despise campers and according to Yoggers, BF3 is full of them. I just prefer to play with TSAers as there is a very small chance of camping. :)

    • I wouldn’t actually say that it was too bad for camping if i am honest. Of course you do get the odd ones as you do in any online shooty type game, but most people tend to get down & dirty.

      I have to say though, this is good news for the meets if you can set up at least somewhat private servers, as it is a constant pain in my backside trying to get 10+ people into a public match.

      • I’m surprised that Dice didn’t include it when BF3 was released as they know that a private match function tends to be very popular. When i get BF3, i will fly a jet straight into you, regardless where you are.

      • What if i am sat in an AA gun?? :P

      • Then i crash it into the gun but bail out just before then try to find a tank and ram that into you. If that doesn’t work, i’ll use a Death Star. :p

  4. So Killzone 2 didn’t have fully customisable servers then? Oh wait.

    • and they were ranked

    • Warhawk… and that was a whole era ago
      dedicated, customisable private or public

      Basically it’s a BF3 console first, many other titles support it.

  5. Brilliant news, TSA meets will be a much easier and enjoyable if the option to make the servers private is included.

  6. correct me if im wrong but didnt unreal 3 have customisable severs back in 2007 ??

  7. it IS an “absolute first”, for this title on those platforms :/

  8. Excellent news. Presumably this means private matches now, or am I getting the wrong end of the stick?

  9. Good news. With plenty of DLC in the pipeline, I may have to pick up a cheap copy of this soon :)

  10. any private servers are going to have to be rented like on the pc, there fairly cheap i believe but your still have to pay if you want private match’s (there’s a password protection option. also this is a first for consoles since these are customiseable dedicated servers not customiseable p2p’s

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