Playstation UK Boss: “We Could Have Done Better On Move Titles”

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has admitted that that software for the Playstation Move has been at bit lacking so far.

However, in an interview with Official Playstation Magazine, the Sony exec said that he felt that upcoming games for the Move, such as Sorcery, would allow the hardware to fulfil its potential.


“What I’m thinking is that it’s better suited towards the casual market, certainly, but we also are pretty clear that we could have done a better job on the titles we’ve had and we’ve brought to market for the PlayStation Move,” said Gara.

“Great tech, probably not so great applications so far. So there’s a job for us to do on the strength of games, and having seen what’s forthcoming gives me great hope that we can do a better job with Move as we look forward.”

“So we’re certainly not forgetting about it.”

Source: Official Playstation Magazine



  1. He’s totally right and I’m hopeful that Sorcery turns out to be great and kick-starts a flow of games and other functions for Move.

  2. The move was rushed and unnecessary to be honest, they was busy trying compete with the kinect. We all know if time given Sony would have came up with a better concept and design for motion controlled gaming. But hopefully the next gen will inout motion controlling in good use

    • There’s honestly no truth to your statement. I remember the dev of both devices quite well, Move (aka Arc aka The Playstation Motion Controller) was in advanced development well before Kinect (aka Project Natal) was even consideration for MS.

      Furthermore, Move is the end state of tech development that was in progress since 2001. If you want to see some interesting history on the gradual development of Move to where it is today just google Richard Marks.

      If you want interesting history on the development of Kinect just google Microsoft buys good ideas, guts the capability and sells it for a profit.

      Move is anything but rushed and is still remarkable motion hardware. I certainly hope we haven’t seen the last of it this gen or next.

      • didnt really ask for the info, I just stated my opinion and am entitled to but hey you could be right for all I know. The kinect is more successful than the move. All I said i was sony didnt really need jump on the hype.

        I have the move & hell I regret buying the two wands & the sub, money wasted

  3. No kidding!

    It’s great tech but the way Sony have gone about it is a shambles, outside of alternative control scheme in some shooters it has received scant attention.

    Sure the titles have slowly built up on the PSN, but quality-wise they’re almost always lacking. Massively.

    Sony should have got their top studios on the case, the fact they didn’t involve Naughty Dog, Guerilla and others gives an indication at how un-seriously Sony took this platform launch (and it should have been viewed as a platform launch, Sony themselves said it was numerous times)

    And without Sony seriously backing it why would a 3rd party?

    The dexterity shown in Sports Champions’ Table Tennis still hasn’t been bettered & that is shocking.
    Despite how advanced Move can be (given a quality development team) the recent tennis titles still require you to press buttons to fine tune or modify your shot, making Move little more than a waggle device with buttons.

    And it is so much more than that.

    Sports champions showed promise, sure it far to sterile incomparison to Wii Sports various titles and didn’t have the number of events as Kinect Sports… but where is Sports Champions 2, where is The Fight 2. Why are the Move dance games so half assed? Why is Move Fitness little more than tech demo with a few exercises and so poor in comparison to Your Shape & EA Fitness… Where are all the family titles, sure there’s a few, but it’s so half assed in comparison to Nintendo and Microsoft who have got several Disney games and now a Pixar one too.

    Sorcery was obviously show before it was ready, it certainly did its job as many people bought Move for what Sorcery offered, if it was known to be a couple of years away, it wouldn’t have had the same impact

    Sony dropped the ball, right from the start and they still haven’t even bothered to pick it up.

    • My name is Yogdog, and I endorse this statement.

    • Yeah I’ve always fancied some new sports/areas for sports champions as DLC, I would definitely buy it, especially if it was disc golf courses!

    • I certainly don’t disagree that there needs to be more use made of Move, but it’s hardly as dire as you keep making out.

      Alternative schemes in shooters is a large part of what makes Move so unique. Many people love the accuracy of Move over the DS3, and Kinect hasn’t even attempted something similar because (as predicted) it’s just not designed for that. To flippantly dismiss Move’s abilities in games like Socom, Killzone and Infamous makes me question what you actually want the Move for?

      It’s not just a Wii emulator, it can do precision like nothing else – try Tumble for instance – so why are you asking it to follow the same path. Nor is it (or should it be) trying to take on Kinect in the areas Kinect is actually good (Dance games, Fitness games and Child minding). Move exclusive games are a difficult sell for developers right now simply because that specifically cuts out ~80% of your active market. It’s not that hard to understand why Move is being supported in a lot of new games, but not made the exclusive control scheme. Personally I think this is an acceptable way to make everyone happy and the best way to have Move usage in high budget titles. Otherwise you end up like Kinect with nothing but dance games, fitness games and fluff.

      You keep saying the dexterity of Table Tennis hasn’t been bettered, but I’m not quite sure what you mean there. The movement in table tennis is 1:1, which by definition you can’t better. John Daly’s Pro Golf was a great example of Move 1:1 implementation (albeit in a slightly unpolished package) and there are other 1:1 uses for Move out there too if you look. Not everything needs to be 1:1 for it to be any good though… to quote the words of our very own TSA review on Virtua Tennis 4:

      “It’s on the court where Move really shines though, as its accuracy reigns supreme. Remember all those assumptions of what Wii Tennis would be like back in 2006? Well, this is what that game should have been. As with the Kinect version the computer takes control of moving your character, leaving you in charge of performing shots. Whilst I am unsure if it is true 1:1 mapping, it feels close enough and, more importantly, it’s a lot of fun – personally it had me grinning like a loon.”

      Now you’ve got MLB The Show 12 out too, which has raised the bar from last year to include Move control throughout the entire game. I’m not American nor am I a massive baseball fan, but I can safely say The Show is the best sport simulation I’ve ever played and I’m dying to get my hands on this year’s version.

      A point of clarity – a lot of us were pretty happy Sports Champions didn’t have ridiculous WiiMii characters or Xbox Avatars running about. Call it sterile if you will, but that’s the very reason I chose an ‘adult’ console in the first place ;). Oh and Kinect Sport has six events, just like Sports Champions.

      I’d like to see Sports Champions 2 for sure, I think that’s a valid complaint.

      You know the reason there isn’t going to be The Fight:Lights Out 2? Because reviewers complete missed the mark (not TSA, TSA got it right). The game got crucified because it was too hardcore for most reviewers to figure out. As someone who took the time to get good at The Fight, it annoyed me no end to see it get 4/10 from chumps who whole review was dripping in errors and assumptions instead of the sweat and effort they should have been putting into the game.

      All-in-all I don’t disagree that the Move should start getting a lot more love, especially when you see the kind of launch Sony are capable of with the Vita. Despite all that, I enjoy my Move controllers when something comes along to make me pull them out (Child of Eden was the last time) and in the mean time I’m not losing sleep over a couple of accessories.

      • Holy shit dude that’s like 3 times bigger than the actual article!

      • tl;dr

        All jokes aside, I see your point but I haven’t seen a must have Move game so far and the only one on the horizon is Sorcery. I personally don’t want standard games with alternative control schemes that play better with a DS3. I want games that are the other way around. I’m sure you could play Sorcery with a DS3 but I bet it’s going to be a lot more fun with Move. That’s what I want to see and if there are games like this around, then Sony sure as hell didn’t promote them enough.

    • you exaggerate imo cc_star every time something move is mentioned. it has loads of motion controlled games & some very good ones you want great games they need time in development to shine or you will say there rubbish.

      • Uncharted 3 & plenty of other stuff was developed in less time than Move has had now.

        It doesn’t have loads of games it was designed to do, broaden the PlayStation3’s appeal away from 12-30 year old male to families & the ones it does have are half assed compared to ones on rival platforms.

      • Uncharted is not a new concept they had the charters & layout for a uncharted game if ND had to start from scratch would be a lot longer.

      • Characters^

  4. Oh, really now? I don’t know why Sony and other companies allow themselves to repeat the mistakes they make. :l

  5. There’s not been a lot of great stuff on Move, but if it wasn’t for it’s creation I doubt No More Heroes Paradise would have ever been localised, so I’m a happy bunny.

  6. I thought the Move is ok. It is brilliant for Sports Champions and it also worked well with Killzone 3 and Top Spin 4. Could really do with more games for it though.

  7. Another innovative game that uses Move’s precision – pretty much every thing Move can do it captured here, from flicks, grab and drag, fine rotation, buttons!, tactile feedback etc!

    But hey, Move has no games right??!!!111!

  8. Read the title and my immediate thought was “No shit, Sherlock!”.

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