Capcom Responds To SFxTekken Network Issues

The release of Street Fighter X Tekken has been marred by controversy: on disc DLC characters and non-functioning 2 vs 2 online play on the 360 version.

However, the game is marred by network connection problems as well. One of the most prominent issues affecting the online component of the game so far has been the intermittent sound effects during fights.


SFxTekken assistant producer Ayano has responded to these issues, explaining that the problems have arisen from the new netcode used on the title:

“The new netcode implemented in Street Fighter X Tekken allows for up to 4 players to have a smooth online experience, however depending on the connection stability between players, things like “spontaneous match rollback,” “voice effects cutting out,” and “sound effects cutting out” also are occurring.

“In order to completely fix all the sound issues, the smoothness of the online gameplay has to be traded off, so it is a very complicated and difficult balancing act.”

Ayano has assured players that the company is “looking at various ways to improve the sound issues.”

Source: Capcom Unity



  1. YOU SUCK!

  2. I guess these days it’s down to the consumer to properly test games. Surely this should have been sorted before release?

    • I can understand your point but disagree with the sentiment that games aren’t tested as well as they used to be. This could be either an oversight during tested or as is implied, they optimised the netcode to have non essential effects impacted when a connection is wonky, rather than have the gameplay affected. Also, at least they CAN fix with it with a patch rather than gamers having to make do as they would have prior to updates being available.

    • It will be fixed in the “Super” edition. :P

  3. Maybe it’s GAME getting their revenge ;)

  4. Extremely poor that stuff like this is happening. You’d think that they would test these games without perfect settings before release to try and emulate the ‘real world.’

  5. In other words, they messed up big time and couldn’t be bothered to test it. Seriously, it won’t kill them to test it, it’s not going to blow up in their faces, if it does blow up then they are doing it wrong. ;)

    I’m pretty sure it is possible to fix the sound issues and have a smooth online mode.

  6. they decided the sound was more important than the gameplay? o_O

    • what’s a “spontaneous match rollback” anyway?

      is that a fancy way of saying getting booted back to the main menu?

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