Ridge Racer Vita Car Paint Costs More Than The Game

I’m being bitchy, of course, but it’s essentially true. Namco have announced a series of Idolmaster skins for existing Ridge Racer Vita cars, which will run from next week until the end of May.


There’s 13 skins, and 4 songs. The former are 500 yen each, and the music is 150 yen each. Total? 6500 yen, although there’s a bulk discount deal where the entire visual pack can be bought in a ‘pass’ for just under 3000 yen.

Except it doesn’t include the songs.

The problem? That’s actually more than the game itself costs.

Source: Impress Watch, via GAF.



  1. SONY cannot add up.

    • Er it’s Namco’s prices not Sony. Why do people always blame Sony when publishers over price games.

  2. Bargain. Gotta post this on HUKD ;)

  3. She looks like a child, but with adult woman bits. There has got to be something wrong with that; oh it’s Japanese, that’s fine then.

    • The Japanese females seem to look either very young or very old, they must lock away all middle aged women so they’re out of sight.

  4. Ah, it seems to be the way. There’s people driving around in older cars with more expensive ICE (In Car Entertainment) than the bloody vehicle itself. Hell, I’ve spent more money on a game, recently, than the game itself cost me not four months ago. Enjoyment achieved? Damn right! :-)

  5. Wasn’t this always going to be the case? The game costs anywhere from £15-£20 to buy with limited courses. Seems like the perfect set up for a game that’s planning to survive on DLC.

  6. well the game cost me £7.99 from ps store so i would imagine the dlc will cost me more than the game itself

  7. its pricey but its still my most played vita game by far.

    • same for me, its not like i intended to buy it either, but its an enjoyable racer and im not a huge fan of racers

  8. I didn’t buy ridge racer but that paint right there would be something i’d pay for. No game’s complete without potential lolis

  9. Never bought a dlc skin for anything and I don’t intend to start. I appreciate there are people that enjoy that sort of thing but for me, if it doesn’t change the game, I’m not paying for it.

    Oh look, my car is now pink and has a semi naked child sprayed on it, well worth a fiver!

    • Sold

    • I fully agree mate, whats the point in spending extra on a skin when the majority of time is spent in the cockpit view anyway?

  10. it’s worth noting that the forza games have a car customization thing that allows talented players to create artwork as good as that, and sometimes better.
    and if i recall correctly, you can buy those cars with the in game currency, not real money.

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